Definition of assembly line in English:

assembly line


  • A series of workers and machines in a factory by which a succession of identical items is progressively assembled.

    ‘their latest economy car rolled off the assembly line last August’
    Compare with production line
    figurative ‘new teenage idols were pouring off the assembly line’
    • ‘Up until recently she worked on the assembly line of a local pharmaceutical company and was looking for a job in a shop.’
    • ‘I worked in an assembly line in a garment factory to get money for college.’
    • ‘We build machines on an assembly line, focusing on how to make them cheaper and ever more reliable.’
    • ‘Comedy is not the most difficult job in the world: ask anyone who works on an assembly line.’
    • ‘Back home, my grandmother raised their baby and went to work on a bomber assembly line.’
    • ‘The woodworking and leather assembly areas sit side-by-side near the assembly line.’
    • ‘Selling does not start after a product comes out of the assembly line or the workshop.’
    • ‘What you wouldn't imagine for a moment is that this spacious, pleasant flat began life as two metal boxes on an assembly line.’
    • ‘He wanted to be out on the assembly line tinkering with the design or seeing if there was a better way of putting things together.’
    • ‘The finished modules pass over a wall to be bolted into a car or truck body rolling down the assembly line.’
    • ‘The answer was a redesign of the main assembly line so as to keep the process flow among different models as common as possible.’
    • ‘They had to shut down the assembly line last night because they don't have the parts.’
    • ‘Some of the material presumably finds itself rolling off the assembly line as a brand new vehicle, as the circle of life continues.’
    • ‘You feel as if you're holding up the assembly line, as if lives are at stake.’
    • ‘The company stands to benefit further from increases in the number of cars rolling off the assembly line.’
    • ‘It was the assembly line and the conveyor system that enabled a continuous flow in production and efficiency in movement.’
    • ‘Cheap mannequins were frozen in time beside bad re-creations of the assembly line.’
    • ‘Nothing is done on an assembly line and nothing looks like patchwork.’
    • ‘When it does, it triggers a reprogramming of the assembly line - and production hums along.’
    • ‘The damage-control team searched every inch of the assembly line for flaws.’
    boring routine, humdrum existence, routine job, same old round, groove, grind, daily grind, treadmill, dead end
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assembly line

/əˈsɛmbli ˌlaɪn//əˈsemblē ˌlīn/