Definition of assembly in US English:


nounPlural assemblies

  • 1A group of people gathered together in one place for a common purpose.

    ‘an assembly of scholars and poets’
    • ‘‘Most reservists report for unit training assemblies monthly,’ she said.’
    • ‘There are also groups, communities, conferences, assemblies, synods, and councils which deliberate more socially and often officially.’
    • ‘They gather in a general assembly (in the auditorium) and declare their grievances against her.’
    • ‘Almost 200 young people from over 30 countries attended the week-long session of committee work, debate, assembly and resolution.’
    • ‘A tent on the outskirts of the refugee camp was staffed by religious personnel who had a nightly assembly, a camp meeting.’
    • ‘He told the assembly to gather all the riches they could to pay for this.’
    • ‘It is set to be packed with meetings, seminars and assemblies.’
    • ‘Specialty assemblies gather for business meetings at least twice per year to discuss hot topics and issues relevant to their specialty.’
    • ‘In front of Crazy Horse stood a modest assembly of military officers and enlisted Indian scouts from the agency.’
    • ‘The policy forbids Marines from consuming alcohol at spectator-type events, public gatherings or assemblies, unless a unit commander authorizes it.’
    • ‘I will participate in any public assemblies I want to.’
    • ‘The council has set up a new interactive database, making information on area assembly and community forum meetings readily available to residents.’
    • ‘No longer will we sit silently in church conferences, conventions, assemblies or congregations where the Bible is used to caricature and condemn us.’
    • ‘We've had a special assembly and are putting together a book of memories for her family.’
    • ‘At this news, those gathered at the assembly broke out in heated debate.’
    • ‘I grumbled to a small assembly of newspaper book critics who immediately began scribbling notes.’
    • ‘Flexible seating gathers the assembly in an intimate U-shaped plan around the altar in the spirit of community promoted by the Second Vatican Council.’
    • ‘Financial matters also garnered debate at assemblies, as synods looked at declining budgets and ministry.’
    • ‘Evidently they were skipping the assembly on purpose, so it was safe to say that I had snuck out of it.’
    • ‘I would like the participants to meet me after assembly for a briefing about it before the auditions tomorrow.’
    gathering, meeting, congregation, convention, rally, convocation, congress, council, synod, audience, assemblage, turnout, group, body, crowd, throng, company
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    1. 1.1 A group of people elected to make laws or decisions for a particular country or region, especially the lower legislative house in some US states.
      ‘the Connecticut General Assembly’
      • ‘The national conference would elect a consultative assembly to serve alongside the Government.’
      • ‘He was elected to the state assembly and then to the state senate, where he served 14 years.’
      • ‘In this election, as in the last, almost every female candidate would have to be elected for the assembly to reach proportional representation.’
      • ‘It provides for a president with extensive executive powers and legislative veto authority who is elected by the assembly for a seven-year term.’
      • ‘The new assembly would oversee the region's economic development, transport and planning as well as administering regional house-building targets.’
      • ‘A vote in favour will result in the region having an assembly elected by proportional representation consisting of between 25 and 30 members.’
      • ‘The head of the government was directly elected by the assembly, which kept the name of Consulta.’
      • ‘Three Blacks were elected to the legislative assembly the following year.’
      • ‘The Third Republic was based upon a legislative assembly elected by universal male suffrage and proclaimed itself a thoroughly parliamentary regime.’
      • ‘An assembly would have an executive of around six members, comprising a leader with a cabinet elected by the full assembly;’
      • ‘The local assembly is assigned to elect a governor and design development policy in the province.’
      • ‘Last night deflated devolutionists were stressing that the question of how the Northern regions can improve their economies themselves without elected assemblies still needed to be answered.’
      • ‘Elected to the state assembly in 1904 and the state senate in 1908, he became that body's youngest president pro tempore in 1911.’
      • ‘They are in effect electing a constitutional assembly.’
      • ‘The global constituent assembly shall be made up of 300 members, elected from all national assemblies.’
      • ‘Six members of the legislative assembly are elected from each of the existing 18 Westminster parliamentary constituencies.’
      • ‘The assembly will in turn elect a prime minister or president, who will appoint cabinet officers.’
      • ‘Members of the next assembly, to be elected in February, could rewrite the rules, or throw out the supplementary pension plan entirely.’
      • ‘He declared that central government in Westminster would not be able to ignore the ‘great northern voice’ if three regions of England establish elected assemblies next year.’
      • ‘The assembly, which elected the president in the past, became largely obsolete after direct presidential elections were held in 1996.’
  • 2The action of gathering together as a group for a common purpose.

    ‘a decree guaranteeing freedom of assembly’
    • ‘Freedom of assembly and freedom of expression are fundamental human rights that should not be cracked down on in any way.’
    • ‘The charges have included illegal assembly, obstruction, assault, rioting and criminal intimidation.’
    • ‘According to police officials, 46 people were arrested and charged with illegal assembly.’
    • ‘The emergency law severely restricts the freedom of public assembly, which in practice means any candidate wishing to run for president will have little chance to campaign.’
    • ‘But the First Amendment guarantees free speech and assembly, not freedom from government attendance at public meetings.’
    • ‘In its later years, the regime gradually permitted greater freedom of assembly, speech, and association, to include trade union activity.’
    • ‘There are stirrings of something new when they rule in favor of those students who exercise freedoms of expression and assembly for religious purposes.’
    • ‘But democracy is a set of mechanisms to guarantee freedom of thought and assembly and peaceful competition for governmental authority through ballot boxes.’
    • ‘Police released them later and told them to present themselves on Thursday to see whether they will be charged in court or not for holding illegal assembly.’
    • ‘The police clearly have orders to break up even the smallest gathering despite the fact that freedom of expression and assembly are constitutionally guaranteed.’
    • ‘Forty-three obeyed an order to evacuate the premises, and the 45 who refused did not resist arrest and were charged with mischief and illegal assembly.’
    • ‘These require freedom of assembly, multiple candidates, free access by those candidates to the media, and the right to form political parties.’
    • ‘That section sets out dozens of important, justifiably non-negotiable rights, such as a prohibition on slavery, freedom of expression, and freedom of assembly and association.’
    • ‘For all these reasons, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, the right to organize, and the right to vote matter much less than they otherwise would.’
    • ‘Workers have no independent organisations and are denied the right to freedom of assembly and to collective bargaining.’
    • ‘The police arrested about 50 triad members for the crime of illegal assembly.’
    • ‘Six people were arrested on charges of illegal assembly, obstructing justice and assault of a police officer.’
    • ‘Dozens were arrested and charged with illegal assembly amid accusations of police brutality.’
    • ‘How do you clamp down on messy street protests without violating fundamental laws that guarantee freedom of assembly and prohibit political interference with policing?’
    • ‘Some 50 people were injured, 10 of whom were admitted to the hospital, and 225 villagers were arrested and charged with trespassing and illegal assembly.’
    1. 2.1 A regular gathering of the teachers and students of a school.
      ‘catcalling occurred during the assembly’
      • ‘The entire student body crowded into the sports hall for morning assembly.’
      • ‘Jessica, a pupil at Thackley Primary School, was congratulated by her teachers in assembly.’
      • ‘Year 12 students co-ordinated the project at the school and gave presentations in assembly to encourage other pupils to take part.’
      • ‘Amelia and Isabella - wearing Pudsey ears - stood up in front of 150 other pupils in assembly at Mellor Primary and asked them to help raise money.’
      • ‘He also held a question and answer session with year six students and gave a talk to all 400 pupils in assembly.’
      • ‘In Grade 4, all children will participate in an assembly dedicated to creative conflict resolution and peer mediation.’
      • ‘The news was broken to pupils in Monday's assembly.’
      • ‘Teachers and fellow pupils held a special assembly for her on Monday, and at the site of the crash in Rook Lane Caterham, mourners left flowers, heartfelt messages, photographs and candles.’
      • ‘The height of the school year was when we Camp Fire Girls performed together at the school assembly.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, news of the tragedy was relayed to pupils during morning assembly today at Bitterne Park School where the teenager had been a pupil since last year.’
      • ‘She's reporting on a boring school assembly at which the pupils start to talk among themselves.’
      • ‘Prayer sessions, yoga classes, assembly, assignments and the regular classes from morning till evening just go on.’
      • ‘On the last day of term, parents of Year Five and Six children at Threshfield School were invited to the regular special assembly where the children present their review of the term's work.’
      • ‘Forsberg attended the school's homecoming pep rally and assembly as a show of support to the students still recovering from the horrible events of that tragic day.’
      • ‘She put Hector through his paces in front of 220 pupils during the school assembly.’
      • ‘I regularly stood up in assembly and told the headmaster he was wrong.’
      • ‘The Senior School had morning assembly in the Hall and the third-formers went to the school Gym.’
      • ‘Only on Wednesdays when they had assembly in the hall, he walked down the corridor.’
      • ‘Residents have seen children on the roof of the school on a couple of occasions so we will be talking to our pupils in assembly to see if they have any information.’
      • ‘First, you'll go into the multi-purpose room for a short assembly where you'll receive your class schedules.’
    2. 2.2usually the assemblyhistorical A signal for troops to assemble, given by drum or bugle.
      • ‘NATO troops surrounded the assembly to ensure a ‘peaceful transition’.’
      • ‘A big number of many-colored flares, both friendly and enemy, that were fired from the ground, as well as fires in drop areas, confused the assembly signals.’
  • 3often as modifier The action of fitting together the component parts of a machine or other object.

    ‘a car assembly plant’
    • ‘The light components, simple assembly steps, and lack of required bracing suggest low labor costs, although the need to build stronger framing will add to the cost.’
    • ‘The assembly plant has a production capacity of 75 cars per shift.’
    • ‘The machined engine blocks, cylinder heads and clutch and transmission cases meet with the other engine components for the final assembly process.’
    • ‘Now that the vehicle has an engine, assembly work on underhood components begins and the battery and airbox are added.’
    • ‘Thailand hosts assembly operations for foreign car manufacturers, as does Indonesia.’
    • ‘Having standardized parts fabrication, Ford in 1910 opened a revolutionary car assembly plant in Highland Park, Michigan.’
    • ‘The workers accused management of keeping them guessing about their future with the troubled car assembly plant, which has only functioned sporadically over the past two years.’
    • ‘This allows the main facility, where all of the critical fitting and assembly procedures take place, to be as spotless as possible.’
    • ‘The new production line will have die casting, machining and assembly operations.’
    • ‘The 1980 deficit came despite the closure of eight assembly and component plants and a 31% reduction in its workforce.’
    • ‘The end result is an extremely complex manifold that actually reduces component complexity and trims assembly time.’
    • ‘The machines continuously perform precise assembly operations without mechanical stops in the components or tooling.’
    • ‘At my plant among the 56 machine operator and assembly workers, reported and recorded injuries affected 50 people over the past year.’
    • ‘We are particularly aware of the need to cause as little disruption to the community as possible and would have wished to use local car parks as assembly points.’
    • ‘Along with more plutonium, this new design required more machining, more complex assembly procedures, and more extensive safety controls.’
    • ‘The indexer, a piece of positioning equipment at the heart of virtually all assembly machines, was among the first such items to be developed using the company's cutting-edge tools.’
    • ‘The Lansing, Michigan, assembly plant rolled their last car off the line after 85 years.’
    • ‘These Daimler dealers currently get their cars from assembly plants in the U.S.A., whose production capacity currently does not meet with demand for right hand drive cars.’
    • ‘The firm first began its American operations in 1969 as a tiny electronic component board assembly operation.’
    • ‘The coalfields have given way to unemployment queues, night watchmen's sheds and minimum wage component assembly jobs.’
    construction, building, fabrication, manufacture, erection, setting up, putting together, fitting together, piecing together, connection, joining
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    1. 3.1 A unit consisting of components that have been fitted together.
      ‘the tail assembly of the aircraft’
      • ‘The company has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of medical thermoplastic components and assemblies.’
      • ‘Today, the company is one of the leading suppliers of press tools, components and assemblies to automotive manufacturers worldwide.’
      • ‘In the twenty-first century computers make complex structures and irregular component assemblies easier and cheaper.’
      • ‘A device company must ask, for example, how sophisticated are my product's assemblies or components?’
      • ‘This method involves identifying between 20 and 50 key components or assemblies in the product.’
      • ‘High-performance insulation is an integral part of building wall and roof assemblies.’
      • ‘The company offers a freestanding display rack and a pegboard assembly to merchandise the products.’
      • ‘The threaded switch and lens assemblies are sealed to the body with waterproof, greased ‘O’ rings.’
      • ‘As a result, molded cable assemblies are photographed as a lunar probe vehicle, as fireworks, and as plants growing beside a stream.’
      • ‘Certified to ISO 9001, the company manufactures precision components and assemblies for medical device applications.’
      • ‘The old tanks are taken apart, put back together again with new pumps and electrical assemblies, and finished with a flesh coat of paint.’
      • ‘More critical are the joints that hold together brakes, steering assemblies, engines and all the expensive and functional parts of the vehicle.’
      • ‘Construction now depends on specialisms and the mass production of components, complex assemblies, and ultimately entire buildings.’
      • ‘These qualities have made asbestos popular to be used in insulation, acoustical tiles, floor tiles, and automotive brake assemblies.’
      • ‘This pump uses rotating gear assemblies within a pump housing to produce the hydraulic oil flow.’
      • ‘Extended product design teams can compare components and assemblies and identify engineering changes authored using multiple CAD tools.’
      • ‘The state-of-the-art equipment was originally designed to examine rocket motor assemblies and turbine blades.’
      • ‘First, the gray plastic door handle assemblies and rear license plate bucket are removed.’
      • ‘The plant produces sliding windows for pickup trucks, quarter windows with lights and lift gate assemblies at a volume of approximately 480,000 units per year.’
      • ‘Using special DNA containing docking sites at regular intervals, they can then direct the assembly of microscopic electrical components.’
  • 4Computing
    usually as modifier The conversion of instructions in low-level code to machine code by an assembler.

    • ‘If you haven't seen RISC assembly code before, it may be strange to see so many operands on a single line.’
    • ‘The last two columns represent assembly instructions.’
    • ‘From a programming perspective, these things are quite nostalgic - encouraging you to get stuck in and write some good old assembly code.’
    • ‘The disadvantage of the previous approach is you see only assembly code, no aspect of the size of the actual instructions is given.’
    • ‘Finding the length of a string in Pascal is one assembly instruction instead of a whole loop.’


Middle English: from Old French asemblee, feminine past participle of asembler (see assemble).