Definition of assemble in English:



  • 1[no object] (of people) gather together in one place for a common purpose.

    ‘a crowd had assembled outside the gates’
    • ‘The next day a crowd began surrounding the hall until as many as three thousand persons assembled outside.’
    • ‘As darkness fell, police scuffled with some of the several hundred demonstrators who assembled outside the palace.’
    • ‘Please have the employees assemble in the area outside the building and I will explain this rare phenomenon to them.’
    • ‘He gazed out into the sun-bathed crowd assembled in front of the stand in the clearing in Donadea forest.’
    • ‘A tremendous crowd assembled outside the French Embassy shortly after the news was made known.’
    • ‘My team assembled outside the testing room at about a quarter to, so I hurried over to keep them from waiting too long.’
    • ‘Around 50 women assembled outside the theatre and shouted slogans against the film, which was being screened at the theatre for the past 10 weeks.’
    • ‘A very large number assembled outside the church and took part.’
    • ‘At the end, it said: ‘a large crowd assembled outside the church to see her departure.’’
    • ‘A large crowd assembled in front of the teashop.’
    • ‘A posse of students assembled in the gallery outside the music room.’
    • ‘The young people go to the individual's neighborhood, put up posters describing the crimes and then assemble outside his house.’
    • ‘The crowd assembles for the auction with hands firmly in pockets.’
    • ‘Every evening at about seven-thirty crowds began assembling outside the General Post Office to watch the departure of the Royal Mail coaches.’
    • ‘This is taken before the rally, when the crowd is starting to assemble.’
    • ‘On Sunday the crowd assembled again, for another demonstration.’
    • ‘Most of the rest of the passengers assembled outside at the beginning of the platform, waiting for the general boarding call.’
    • ‘A very large crowd assembled on the square to see the ceremony.’
    • ‘Another 5,000 worshippers can assemble outside the church building.’
    • ‘Later, the actors assembled outside the court.’
    come together, get together, gather, collect, meet, muster, rally, congregate, convene, flock together
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    1. 1.1[with object]Bring (people or things) together for a common purpose.
      ‘he assembled the surviving members of the group for a tour’
      • ‘Most approaches to teaching portfolios define them as a collection of materials, assembled by a faculty member, that document or reflect teaching performance.’
      • ‘It is clear from the affidavits of counsel who appeared for the appellant at his trial that considerable efforts were made to assemble expert evidence for the defence.’
      • ‘One needs courage to go on assembling the evidence in the face of the risk that such accusations may turn out to be well-founded and the discipline's subject-matter may evaporate.’
      • ‘‘What I have said to people is, over the coming weeks and months we will assemble this evidence and then we will give it to people,’ he told Sky News.’
      • ‘Despite seemingly convincing evidence, his expensively assembled defence team secured a not guilty verdict.’
      • ‘Director David C. Thomas assembles the surviving members of the group to tell their story, and remarkably has a treasure trove of home movies, concert and TV footage to illustrate every stage of the group's existence.’
      • ‘In fact, he jokes, if the city really wants to build a courthouse that won't go over budget, it should let him assemble a construction crew of young offenders.’
      • ‘We pay the gardaí, not very much, to assemble evidence so that people accused of crimes might be tried in our courts.’
      • ‘It would take another eight years for the FBI to assemble the evidence to accuse him as a counterspy and place him under arrest.’
      • ‘She lives with her daughter and together they have assembled the world's premier collection of housecoats and caftans.’
      • ‘In the past, the police waited before making arrests until at or near the point of a terrorist attack, so that they could assemble enough evidence to make the case stand up in court.’
      • ‘Then we come to the new boys, on whom no jury has yet assembled enough evidence to make a decisive case in whatever direction.’
      • ‘And even when they are stirred into action, it then takes a further ten minutes to assemble them all together.’
      • ‘A Fundraising committee was also assembled and new members are more than welcome to join.’
      • ‘A task force of diverse administrators, faculty members and alumni was assembled to research the problem and propose solutions.’
      • ‘Their methods were, however, relatively unsophisticated: the point was to assemble a mountain of evidence that would serve as a bulwark against their enemies.’
      • ‘‘A large and growing body of evidence has been assembled effectively pointing to her innocence,’ he claimed.’
      • ‘We have surely assembled enough evidence about the slush pile.’
      • ‘If such comparative evidence could be assembled, it would probably support the traditional view of a higher concentration of such companies in the South.’
      • ‘We want to continue this investigation to a point at which we have assembled the kind of evidence that we believe provides the basis for prosecution.’
    2. 1.2Biology
      (of male moths) gather for mating in response to a pheromone released by a female.
  • 2[with object] Fit together the separate component parts of (a machine or other object)

    ‘a factory that assembled parts for trucks’
    • ‘The engines are assembled and tested at upgraded facilities at NASA's John C. Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.’
    • ‘He built his own cars, assembled his own engines, tuned them, and drove them.’
    • ‘Here you'd have to assemble your own wheels from piles of valves, tyres, rims and hub caps.’
    • ‘He couldn't figure out how to assemble an engine of the magnitude he needed, so he'd have to steal a working model from the museum.’
    • ‘The only problems I had in assembling the brake rigging and other parts was the tight fit of the tabs into their slots due to being painted.’
    • ‘For over half a century, kits have been sold that enable military history buffs to assemble scale models of military ships, aircraft and vehicles.’
    • ‘Also, it can wait for a customer's order before assembling a machine, which means it can operate with an extraordinarily lean production system.’
    • ‘These appear to be special designs or component parts for assembling such designs.’
    • ‘Together they will painstakingly assemble the kayak, which will eventually become part of a teaching exhibit at Glenbow.’
    • ‘The first phase of the project revolved around infrastructure and assembling the machine.’
    • ‘She had never actually assembled the machine but there were four similar parts that she was dealing with.’
    • ‘Clean the top of the sink, then, if necessary, assemble the new faucet according to the manufacturer's instructions.’
    • ‘She is assembling electrical components, placing round parts into small square boxes on her kitchen table.’
    • ‘The technique involved in creating the art is more akin to assembling a model kit than painting an artwork.’
    • ‘Since the mid-1980s, Costa Rica has become a center for factories that assemble garments, electronic components, and other goods for export.’
    • ‘About 200 workers, mostly women, sit at the machines in clusters assembling khaki pants.’
    • ‘Then he started drawing on file board paper by cutting, shaping and assembling them into a complete automobile.’
    • ‘The efficient causes were the blueprints drawn by engineers and the labor of men and machines that actually assembled the physical materials and put them into place.’
    • ‘She had helped him assemble a massive machine in their underground warehouse of a lab over the past six months, and finally it was ready.’
    • ‘Instead the wearer will buy them flatpacked from a vending machine and assemble them instantly with a deft bit of folding, tucking and the odd tug on a cord.’
    construct, build, fabricate, manufacture, erect, set up, join up, fit together, put together, piece together, connect, join, unite, patch up
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  • 3Computing
    [with object] Translate (a program) from assembly language into machine code.

    • ‘We plan to assemble a program that combines the method described here with a kinematics method to permit fulltime operation.’
    • ‘Sequences were verified manually and contigs were assembled using the computer program Sequencer v 4.0.’
    • ‘At high speeds, assembling each byte correctly in reference to the clock becomes more difficult, particularly for parallel connections where the clock is running on a separate line.’
    • ‘From that it creates program code it can then assemble into executable machine code.’
    • ‘Now that I had assembled the software, I created the compressed filesystem.’


Middle English: from Old French asembler, based on Latin ad- to + simul together.