Definition of assassin bug in US English:

assassin bug


  • A long-legged predatory or bloodsucking bug that occurs chiefly in the tropics and feeds mainly on other arthropods. Some of those that bite humans can transmit microorganisms such as the one causing Chagas’ disease.

    Family Reduviidae, suborder Heteroptera: numerous species

    • ‘Predators, such as ladybugs and assassin bugs, devour their prey.’
    • ‘An assassin bug passes by and eats the clutch for breakfast.’
    • ‘Eliminate small, red, juvenile leaf-footed bugs, but don't confuse these with assassin bugs, which help control aphids, tomato hornworms and other pests.’
    • ‘Perhaps it is this effect that the assassin bug uses to gauge its distance from a victim?’
    • ‘They are called kissing bugs or assassin bugs in English, but in Latin America they have many regional names.’