Definition of asparagus fern in US English:

asparagus fern


  • A decorative indoor or greenhouse plant with feathery foliage, which is related to the edible asparagus.

    Genus Asparagus, family Liliaceae: several species, in particular A. plumosus

    • ‘The choir stalls displayed large bunches of wheat and asparagus ferns, while colour was added by a profusion of dahlias.’
    • ‘I have a large one on my desk which is taking care of two peppers, the poorly asparagus fern (don't know what's wrong with it), my little bamboo and the last of the coleus.’
    • ‘Gardeners should avoid planting all types of asparagus fern.’
    • ‘The Christmas tree is also draped with asparagus fern, giving it a fuzzy, soft focus effect.’
    • ‘The asparagus fern, Asparagus setaceus, is happy to spend its life in a semi-shaded part of the kitchen - just make sure the feathery foliage is misted occasionally, and don't let the compost dry out for long periods.’
    • ‘They had been teamed up with an asparagus fern, but it had started to shade them, with the hypoestes leaves becoming less variegated (a natural response to low light levels).’
    • ‘By the end of the season, the furrows should be entirely filled in, although the developing asparagus fern should never be buried.’
    • ‘I've waited years for my asparagus fern to look this healthy.’
    • ‘Wendy and her greenhouse team may present the season's micro red mustard or delicate asparagus ferns and roots.’
    • ‘Jade plants, cactus, English ivy and asparagus ferns are pretty safe bets.’
    • ‘He mixes succulents with plants that have foliage of an entirely different nature, such as asparagus fern, coleus, or curly parsley.’
    • ‘There's two mini cyclamen, an asparagus fern, and some whose names I can't remember so I'll have to look them up.’
    • ‘The next design was in a flat dish surrounded by birch twigs, asparagus fern, ostrich feathers and white sisal.’
    • ‘It's recommended that you never place your terrarium in direct sun; however, plants which enjoy more than just medium light include hen and chicks, jade plants, asparagus ferns, and Venus fly traps.’
    • ‘Other types of aphids, when present in large populations, can also damage tender asparagus fern and reduce yields in succeeding years.’
    • ‘It's hard to imagine summer without the hard working asparagus fern that serves as a great filler in pots, window boxes, and baskets.’
    • ‘Asparagus Fern can smother groundcovers, small shrubs and seedlings, forming a weed monoculture.’
    • ‘Asparagus fern tends to occur around towns, particularly near-coastal locations in moist shady gullies.’
    • ‘The fungus develops in the tissue of asparagus fern and drains the plant of vital nutrients.’
    • ‘The poster-calendar features 24 of the most harmful environmental weeds, including wandering jew, camphor laurel, orange jessamine, umbrella tree, asparagus fern and morning glory.’


asparagus fern

/əˈsperəɡəs fərn/