Definition of asity in US English:



  • A stocky perching bird related to the pittas, found only in Madagascar.

    Family Philepittidae: two genera, in particular Philepitta (two species). See also false sunbird

    • ‘Their closest relatives are broadbills and asities (Philepittidae).’
    • ‘Prum concluded that the endemic family of asities and sunbird-asities is embedded in the broadbill family and sister to the African genus Pseudocalyptomena.’
    • ‘Sunbird asities (genus Neodrepanis) are aggressive and compete with other species for food.’
    • ‘Broadbills are thought to be closely related to pittas and asities (Philepittidae).’
    • ‘The Old World has only about 50 species of suboscines, and these fall into three small groups: the outrageously colorful, short-legged, plump pittas; the broadbills; and the asities.’


Probably a local word.