Definition of ashlaring in US English:



  • 1Ashlar masonry.

    • ‘The construction is stone resembling brick in shape, giving a less stern appearance than ashlaring would have done in such a massive building.’
    • ‘The graffito ashlaring was last restored during the general reconstruction in 1992 together with the renovation of the two original vaulted halls on the ground-floor.’
    • ‘The important role plays not only quality of manufacturing of ornamental elements, but also the correct engineering solution of fastening of ashlaring and architectural details on a facade of a building.’
    • ‘Many of the piers on the south side, namely, the eight westerly ones, including the half pier, retain the Norman ashlaring, upon which the new moldings have been wrought.’
    • ‘The church of Santa María is made of ashlaring.’
    • ‘The only defect of it is an unreal scheme of the parterre done by ashlaring.’
    • ‘The interior, which was restored in 1880 by Giuseppe Patricolo, displays ashlaring worked with the utmost care.’
    • ‘The intended realization of the church in brick was changed to Portland-stone ashlaring.’
    • ‘The assembly of the whole structure (including the ashlaring and the assembly laths for the tile) will last, taking into account the size of the house, between 3 and 5 days.’
    • ‘The church is constructed of ashlaring walls with a square west tower, rectangular nave and lower rectangular chancel and apse.’
  • 2Upright boarding fixed from the joists to the rafters of an attic to cut off the acute angle between the roof and the floor.

    • ‘The problem arises in converting existing loft spaces where the loadbearing ashlaring makes it less practical to board out the portion of floor/ceiling joists in the roof void areas, in the same manner as the new rooms.’
    • ‘I am fairly happy with what to do with the floor but am not sure what to do about securing the ashlaring walls that sit on the I beam and support the roof purlin.’