Definition of asexualize in US English:


(British asexualise)


[with object]rare
  • Deprive of sexual qualities; make asexual.

    ‘they asexualize him by treating him like a brother’
    • ‘She argues for the ascent of a heterosexual heroine who wields socio-sexual power without becoming a desexualized or asexualized creature.’
    • ‘He will have lost his aggressive drive, so he really won't even be able to get angry about being asexualized.’
    • ‘Is it supposed to suggest that those women who do play the game are some kind of freaks who have been asexualised simply because they've chosen to wear boots and jerseys?’
    • ‘A sexless or an asexualized individual is by just so much a soulless individual.’
    • ‘He's only seventeen, and I wonder what the health effects might be, apart from of course asexualizing him.’
    • ‘His confinement emasculates and asexualizes him, penalizing him for his youthful offenses.’
    • ‘At first, only selected cases among the inmates of this institution were asexualized.’
    • ‘Though this bill had initial support, the controversial nature of asexualizing criminals engendered lengthy debate and narrow defeat.’
    • ‘The producers are hell bent on completely asexualizing her.’
    • ‘The asexualized representation of Eve in the Octateuchs contrasts with pre-iconoclastic depictions.’
    castrate, neuter, geld, cut, desex, sterilize, remove the testicles of
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