Definition of ascorbic acid in English:

ascorbic acid


  • A vitamin found particularly in citrus fruits and green vegetables. It is essential in maintaining healthy connective tissue, and is also thought to act as an antioxidant. Severe deficiency causes scurvy.

    Also called vitamin C
    • ‘However, unlike in animals, the biosynthesis of ascorbic acid in plants is only beginning to be unraveled.’
    • ‘Most animals can synthesize this vitamin in the liver, where glucose is converted to ascorbic acid.’
    • ‘Such experiments have been described in the literature with various nutrients, including ascorbic acid.’
    • ‘The antioxidant ascorbic acid plays an essential role in defending against oxidant attack in the airways.’
    • ‘Citrus fruits, vinegar, and vitamins such as ascorbic acid or folic acid do not change the acidity of your stomach or your bloodstream.’


1930s: from a- without + medieval Latin scorbutus scurvy + -ic.


ascorbic acid

/əˌskôrbik ˈasəd/