Definition of ascend the throne in US English:

ascend the throne


  • Become king or queen.

    • ‘They foretell that the king will ascend the throne!’
    • ‘Eventually, Gavyn overthrew his sister's rogue government, and ascended the throne together with his Lady Merria.’
    • ‘He had ascended the throne with the blessing of Russian Emperor Alexander II, but his successor Alexander III felt personal contempt for the Bulgarian prince.’
    • ‘When the new king ascended the throne, his subjects were confident the fat times had arrived.’
    • ‘At Stephen's death, Henry ascended the throne as King Henry II.’
    • ‘The title originated in the Tang Dynasty when the emperor, after ascending the throne, would go to the top of Mount Tai to offer a sacrifice to God.’
    • ‘Queen Chasidia herself had just recently ascended the throne, her term starting only a few years ago.’
    • ‘While in the hospital on June 4, she became queen after her husband Gyanendra ascended the throne.’
    • ‘He was a petty thief jailed for 15 years, but released by King Abdullah in a traditional amnesty given when the king ascended the throne.’
    • ‘The very least he might propose is a referendum to gain the consent of the people before ascending the throne.’
    • ‘In 540, King Chinhung ascended the throne when he was still young and so his mother ruled Shilla as regent.’
    • ‘Experts believe that his father's position helped him to ascend the throne, since there was no royal blood in his family.’
    • ‘In Japan, female members of the first family cannot ascend the throne.’
    • ‘He was tutored by Aristotle, and ascended the throne when less than 20 years old.’
    • ‘Since no king ascended the throne after him, that calendar remained in use as the Yazdgerdi calendar.’
    • ‘Razia Sultana ruled India and was chosen to ascend the throne over her two brothers.’
    • ‘On Elizabeth's death in 1603, Mary's son James IV, already king of Scotland, ascended the throne of England.’
    • ‘The son of the ruler's sister has ascended the throne for generations to ensure the purity of the line.’
    • ‘Within the span of 20 years, fragmentary records indicate that no less than 18 kings and possibly one queen ascended the throne with nominal control over the country.’
    • ‘On ascending the throne, she quickly captured hearts at home and abroad as she strove to bring the royal family closer to the people.’