Definition of as per usual in US English:

as per usual


  • As usual.

    • ‘I'd been at a party, and had a few drinks, as per usual.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, go about your daily business as per usual.’
    • ‘So I was at the mall having lunch today, as per usual.’
    • ‘And, as per usual with any politician, the data appears to have been cherry-picked to create the worse possible scenario.’
    • ‘This summer, as per usual, they were a main attraction at gigs up and down New Zealand.’
    • ‘Anyway, as per usual, I'm going to swan off home now!’
    • ‘Or would things just keep going on as per usual with maybe a few people chiming in about his edgy new style and crackerjack reporting?’
    • ‘We arrived at the restaurant as per usual and were happy to see that the sign in the front window declared it was open for lunch on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays from 11AM.’
    • ‘His paper was funny and interesting as per usual.’
    • ‘My designer showed up a little after for a meeting, and, as per usual, we both spoke to each other quickly and loudly, though with affection.’