Definition of as it stands in US English:

as it stands


  • 1In its present condition.

    ‘there are no merits in the proposal as it stands’
    • ‘The law as it stands puts the home-owner defending his property and the burglar violating it on exactly the same footing.’
    • ‘But the law as it stands also proposes to outlaw all smoking in theatres - including on the stage.’
    • ‘The scheme as it stands is a well considered response that pays enormous respect to the building.’
    • ‘As it stands the movie is a waste of time.’
    • ‘The text as it stands unquestionably lacks many of the qualities that make its predecessors so great.’
    1. 1.1 In the present circumstances.
      ‘the country would struggle, as it stands, to host the next Winter Olympic Games’
      • ‘Yet as things stand, a child removed from home and made a ward of the state often languishes, until the age of eighteen, in a foster care system based on temporary care.’
      • ‘The problem is that, as things stand, it is often not until someone has had an accident that a potential problem with his or her driving is picked up.’
      • ‘But as things stand, it appears that we are still far from accepting to work together as political parties.’
      • ‘I am awaiting an assessment of the injuries, but, as things stand, we are very depleted.’
      • ‘Whichever way one looks at it, there is no denying that as things stand now, the state of the liquor trading sector leaves much to be desired.’
      • ‘However, as things stand, works remain in copyright in the U.K. for 70 years after the death of their author.’
      • ‘And it is certain that, as things stand, thousands of trade unionists - believing that Europe has nothing to offer them - will just not bother to vote at all.’
      • ‘But, as things stand, I am having to rely on my parents for financial assistance.’
      • ‘He speculates that, as things stand, the victims and the media are left to speculate on the precise motives of the perpetrators.’
      • ‘He insists that, as things stand, he has no intention of leaving, but should Middlesbrough fail to come up with a better offer, he will have to.’