Definition of as good as — in US English:

as good as —


  • 1Very nearly —

    ‘she's as good as here’
    • ‘Charlie is as good as dead, and yet they manage to bring him round.’
    • ‘His career was as good as dead, but he was about to retire anyway.’
    • ‘He was as good as dead and she couldn't do anything.’
    • ‘One was now dead and the other was as good as dead.’
    • ‘When the ambulance came for him he was as good as dead.’
    • ‘He knows his party is dying - or is as good as dead.’
    • ‘It looked as good as dead but at the very tip they were these unmistakable shoots of green leaves.’
    • ‘Enjoy these ugly websites as long as they're online - they are as good as dead.’
    1. 1.1 Used of a result which will inevitably follow.
      ‘if we pass on the information, he's as good as dead’
      • ‘The smaller orc lashed out at me, and soon we were locked in a sword battle, I wasn't very good with a sword, and a lot weaker than an orc so I had to keep moving or I was as good as dead.’
      • ‘If he doesn't like our show, we're all as good as dead.’
      • ‘If they take the palace we're all as good as dead.’
      • ‘If Kerry had lost the first debate and drawn the second, his candidacy would probably be as good as dead.’
      • ‘If it spread to the woods, they were as good as dead.’
      • ‘After a lull of about two months, the two sides resumed fighting, and the escalation of tension has reached the point where the December agreement is as good as dead.’
      • ‘If you go after the golem with that blasted magic sword of yours, you're as good as dead!’
      • ‘He'd be as good as dead anyway if infection did set in.’
      • ‘He added his second in the 76th minutes and when Kevin Williamson added the third a minute later the game was as good as dead.’
      • ‘Yates was faced with the first of two terrible decisions: should he abandon his friend - whom they both knew was as good as dead - or try to get him down the mountain?’