Definition of as clear as mud in US English:

as clear as mud


  • 1

    see mud
    • ‘On the flip side, some parts of the plot that aren't explained still seem to be vital to the story, so several chapters are clear as mud.’
    • ‘The strangely murky waters of the UK's broadband market were stirred up once again last week, making things clear as mud, as usual.’
    • ‘The next steps are clear as mud.’
    • ‘As I suspected, all is clear as mud at this point.’
    • ‘It was just clear as mud to me, and I was hoping you could help me with it later on.’
    obscure, unclear, dense, uncertain, indeterminate, mysterious, puzzling, perplexing, baffling, mystifying, confusing, enigmatic, inexplicable, unexplained, concealed, hidden, unfathomable, incomprehensible, impenetrable, vague, ambiguous, delphic, indefinite, indistinct, hazy, foggy, nebulous, equivocal, doubtful, dubious, oblique, elliptical, oracular, cryptic, deep, abstruse, recondite, arcane, esoteric, recherché
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  • 2Not at all easy to understand.

    • ‘My point in doing all this is that the Federal Communications Commission's indecency ‘standard’ remains about as clear as mud.’
    • ‘Unfortunately the online manual is about as clear as mud to me… pretty much the worst set of documents I've ever seen on a network product.’
    • ‘I have looked on the website but as I am not computer literate, it's as clear as mud.’
    • ‘And when you say ‘in grammatical terms, it is as clear as mud,’ you mean we cannot tell by the grammar.’
    • ‘The various explanations were as clear as mud.’
    • ‘If we're honest, many of us would admit that our sermons, speeches or presentations are about as clear as mud.’
    • ‘Is the issue of sustainability getting through to youngsters or is the green message as clear as mud?’
    • ‘The instructions are as clear as mud.’