Definition of as (or when or where) the fancy takes one in US English:

as (or when or where) the fancy takes one


  • According to one's inclination.

    ‘I shall go where the fancy takes me’
    • ‘It runs within a browser window, numerous hyperlinks make it easy for the curious reader to range around from topic to topic as the fancy takes them, and there is intelligent use of music and video files.’
    • ‘They often also find it difficult to finish what they have started, and tend to flit from one project to another as the fancy takes them.’
    • ‘You can spell it with one or two, as the fancy takes you, though when it first appeared it had only one.’
    • ‘They are both of them at their happiest when the kitchen door is left wide open so they can wander in and out as the fancy takes them.’
    • ‘Why not take a picnic and stop ‘en route’ where the fancy takes you.’
    • ‘You can write your own itinerary, stop any time, or revise the route as the fancy takes you.’
    • ‘In fairness, I have not been an avid viewer this year, only dipping in and out when the fancy takes me.’
    • ‘Although surrounded by loving family, the independent spirit which has taken Nan across the globe means she is happy to visit the restaurant on her own when the fancy takes her.’