Definition of artist's impression in English:

artist's impression


  • A sketch or drawing of someone or something, produced when no photograph is available.

    • ‘The picture on the right shows an artist's impression of the covered archway.’
    • ‘I have attached a highly skilled artist's impression of how this may look.’
    • ‘To the right is an artist's impression of what some of the hominids might have looked like.’
    • ‘Not having seen the artist's impressions for the original development, I cannot say whether they were good or not.’
    • ‘Police have released an artist's impression of the suspect in an attempt to jog the memory of anyone who might recognise him.’
    • ‘The artist's impression above shows how the energy-saving landmark could look.’
    • ‘Officers issued an artist's impression of the man they are looking for earlier this week.’
    • ‘The drawing here gives an artist's impression of how grumpy I am, having to sit in my broken chair.’
    • ‘Police have just issued an artist's impression of the person they want to talk to in connection with a burglary in Burbage Road.’
    • ‘The pictures here are an artist's impression in the paper.’
    • ‘She flew to the UK this week to recreate an artist's impression.’
    • ‘She later helped create an artist's impression of her attacker.’
    • ‘The artist's impression, which is subject to change, shows a two-storey building covering more than 13,500 square metres.’
    • ‘The picture shows an artist's impression of the proposed lake.’
    • ‘It's basically a bit of licence, an artist's impression.’
    • ‘The artist's impression left out the most important bit - the overhead rail link from each side of the city.’
    • ‘Concerns were raised about early artist's impressions of the project which show several high-rise buildings decorated with a bold multi-coloured patchwork of squares.’
    • ‘The US military released the first tentative artists' impression yesterday.’
    • ‘The artist's impression reveals a different approach to the usual suburban layout of detached homes arranged in cul-de-sacs.’
    • ‘Architect drawings of the proposed plans are currently on display within the church with an accompanying artist's impression of the completed work.’
    representation, portrayal, depiction, rendition, rendering, interpretation, picture, drawing
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