Definition of artificially in US English:



  • 1By means of human intervention rather than naturally.

    ‘she never wanted to be kept artificially alive with life support’
    • ‘Commercial tomatoes are tasteless because they are bred for shipping, picked green, and ripened artificially.’
    • ‘The decision may be whether to let the grain dry in the field or to harvest higher-moisture corn and artificially dry the grain.’
    • ‘The whole building was air conditioned and artificially lit.’
    • ‘It is now illegal to artificially implant cloned embryos in a woman.’
    • ‘One injection every 14 days kept the cows' hormones artificially inflated.’
    • ‘As an artificially created sound of the wind increases, the speed, shape, and color of projected clouds change.’
    • ‘I suspect this is due to digital noise reduction, which is used to artificially reduce film grain.’
    • ‘To be productive, those soils were artificially drained many years ago.’
    • ‘Ingredients were developed to increase the volume of turkey semen to artificially inseminate more birds.’
    • ‘Sometimes DNA is artificially synthesized for the production of genetically modified food.’
    1. 1.1 In a contrived or false way.
      ‘the presenter tried to artificially create an argument between the two’
      as submodifier ‘artificially low prices’
      • ‘Some works—such as Aesop's fables—tend to anthropomorphize animals in order to artificially close the human-animal gap.’
      • ‘She is beautiful and her acting is fine, but her singing voice is dubbed and she looks artificially Puerto Rican.’
      • ‘It was a kind of freak show, with the actor's head on a body larger than his real one, and looking as if he were walking somehow artificially with no clear point.’
      • ‘Competing on price means artificially lowering prices to attract more customers.’
      • ‘It may be so, if the industry takes advantage of the data being offered and if attempts to artificially stunt supply are halted.’
      • ‘The movie frames several sections as action sequences, complete with artificially generated tension.’
      • ‘Artificially low rents discourage construction and maintenance, resulting in fewer available apartments.’
      • ‘These are theories that focus on artificially isolated aspects of literature in order to use them for an understanding of nonliterary facts.’
      • ‘It manages to draw our attention to the flaws in these characters without artificially drumming up crises.’
      • ‘It merely refuses to help the owner get rich from artificially enforced scarcity.’
  • 2In an insincere or affected way.

    ‘I'm next to him, smiling artificially through my misery’
    • ‘We don’t need another artificially grinning group of businessmen clutching their coffee mugs and looking like they’re high on something that isn’t life.’
    • ‘Thus weeping artificially, he made a show of real lamentation.’
    • ‘Perhaps the dictator was good at his job as an artificially friendly face of the movement.’
    • ‘We'd rather not listen to Randall act artificially British.’
    • ‘The nurse, wearing an artificially concerned expression, came over and helped him to drink it.’
    • ‘He was artificially appalled at the thought of somebody actually leaking classified information.’
    • ‘We try to make up for our rebellious feelings by behaving in artificially loving ways toward others.’
    • ‘They always seemed to look at the grays of life through an artificially generous, rose-tinted lens.’
    • ‘You've complained in other interviews about classic cartoon characters becoming artificially nice throughout the '70s.’
    • ‘Then he became sad, not publicly or artificially sad, but deeply, privately sad.’