Definition of artificial respiration in US English:

artificial respiration


  • The restoration or substitution of someone's breathing by manual, mechanical, or mouth-to-mouth methods.

    ‘I've been giving him artificial respiration, and I think he's going to be all right’
    • ‘If opening the airway does not cause the person to begin to breathe spontaneously, artificial respiration must be started.’
    • ‘The prompt arrival of the corpsman began with attempts at artificial respiration to restore breathing.’
    • ‘Until the 1970s artificial respiration meant a nurse would have to stand at a patient's bedside rhythmically inflating a bag by hand.’
    • ‘For three days, Zanardi was kept in a medically induced coma and on artificial respiration.’
    • ‘I did artificial respiration on them and then I gave them two injections each.’
    • ‘The advantage of brain death as a legal and medical definition for the end of life is that the quality of organs for transplant can be maintained by maintaining artificial respiration.’
    • ‘No one called a doctor, no one, not even the nurse thought of giving him artificial respiration.’
    • ‘‘I thought artificial respiration would blow water out of his lungs and the vet said it probably saved him,’ he said.’
    • ‘In such an event the person concerned can be kept alive only by continuous artificial respiration by a mechanical pump.’
    • ‘I contacted the doctor who said, Bring him here, keep him warm and give him artificial respiration.’
    • ‘During the three-year study of 830 patients, they found artificial respiration saves children who stop breathing as effectively as the more risky intubation procedure.’
    • ‘Quickly, I performed artificial respiration as the Navy had taught all of us.’
    • ‘He was then rushed to the hospital emergency room where artificial respiration was administered.’
    • ‘They had this same debate when artificial respiration was invented, before Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein.’
    • ‘The immediate application of artificial respiration by the qualified instructor or official prevents prolonged hypoxia.’
    • ‘The action to be taken is first to clear the airway and start artificial respiration (mouth-to-mouth or mouth-to-nose), then to take wet things off and wrap the victim in whatever dry warm coverings are available.’
    • ‘The workshop included case studies, how to diagnose and provide treatment, artificial respiration, cardiac massage, tying slings in the case of fractures, treating burns, heart attacks, and rescue techniques.’
    • ‘If respiration falters or ceases give artificial respiration.’
    • ‘He used compression of the cardiac area and abdomen combined with artificial respiration to revive the patient.’
    • ‘Fished out just in time, he was given artificial respiration and packed off to Gouverneur Hospital for further ministrations.’


artificial respiration

/ˌärdəˈfiSHəl ˌrespəˈrāSHən//ˌɑrdəˈfɪʃəl ˌrɛspəˈreɪʃən/