Definition of artificial life in US English:

artificial life


  • The production or action of computer programs or computerized systems that simulate the behavior, population dynamics, or other characteristics of living organisms.

    • ‘Bibliographies for the entirely neglected fields of artificial life and genetic programming are available at these sites.’
    • ‘The robots used in artificial life are often rather uncomplicated and do not match the science-fiction vision of a robot that serves tea or solves world problems.’
    • ‘Other themes explored are the brain and its ‘computing’ power, artificial life, and some of the important ethical issues.’
    • ‘More recently, however, computer scientists have begun to extend the techniques of artificial life to computers with real bodies.’
    • ‘It was a combination made in hell and before long he had resigned from the company to form his own research and development company, CyberLife, where he could devote his time to creating more intelligent forms of artificial life.’


artificial life

/ˌɑrdəˈfɪʃəl laɪf/