Definition of articulacy in US English:



  • See articulate

    • ‘His articulacy, coupled with his background knowledge, puts him head and shoulders above all other part-time BBC football summarisers.’
    • ‘Ever the idealist, she wants to harness that private articulacy and put it in the public domain.’
    • ‘I'm looking for people with interest and attitude and a level of articulacy; an ability to communicate well.’
    • ‘His transition from music to speech seemed almost effortless, highlighting his under-rated articulacy and revealing a hitherto unseen capacity for empathy during interviews for his award-winning Home Truths programme.’
    • ‘It need hardly be said that Vogts speaks far better English than most of us do German, but top-class management demands an articulacy which will enable a man to put himself across quickly and clearly in noisy, hectic dressing-rooms.’