Definition of arrive in US English:



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  • 1Reach a place at the end of a journey or a stage in a journey.

    ‘we arrived at his house and knocked at the door’
    ‘the team arrived in New Delhi on July 30’
    ‘they had recently arrived from Turkey’
    • ‘The cops were duly called and arrived in a few VW-combi vans.’
    • ‘He reached Kuala Lumpur and later arrived in Singapore, attached to RAF Changi and RAF Selectar.’
    • ‘When he arrived in Beijing, someone cheated him of his money.’
    • ‘French fascist Jean-Marie Le Pen arrived in Cheshire this weekend to show his support for the BNP, to be met by over a hundred protesters.’
    • ‘A brief journey down the southeastern side of the lough and we arrived in the bustling seaside town of Bangor, Co.Down.’
    • ‘Thirty-five minutes after arriving in Kendal I arrived at work.’
    • ‘Now safe from harm, he and his parents continued their journey and when they arrived in Timnah the lovers looked at each other and were pleased.’
    • ‘He arrived in Paris in 1681 and by 1688 had gained an influential clientele at court.’
    • ‘Youngsters who have a history of truancy or poor behaviour or who have just arrived in the city from overseas can find it particularly difficult to find a school place.’
    • ‘A Ukrainian student who arrived in Ireland only 10 days ago was killed when he was struck by a car early yesterday morning.’
    • ‘The Varley family finally arrived in Shannon on the Sunday afternoon and Tony arrived in Westport just in time to go on stage.’
    • ‘He said Museveni arrived in the country shortly after midday.’
    • ‘When he arrived in London, Mr Mpasi applied for asylum.’
    • ‘Tests suggest the boy, believed to have been aged between four and six and have been alive when he arrived in London, may have been poisoned.’
    • ‘O'Brien noticed the trend when he first arrived in Arviat in July 2002.’
    • ‘Shehadeh had arrived in Edinburgh after a torturous journey from Ramallah which continues to bear the brunt of the Israeli occupation.’
    • ‘They had stop-overs in the Azores, Gander, Newfoundland and Boston, before they arrived in New York.’
    • ‘He arrived in San Francisco from his native England in 1855.’
    • ‘Had he arrived in time the ship would never have reached Liverpool; but alas! it had already started before my agent could reach it.’
    • ‘The Coho arrived in Port Angeles in the dark, just before 6 p.m., the last boat of the day.’
    come, get here, get there, reach one's destination, make it, appear, put in an appearance, make an appearance, come on the scene, come up, approach, enter, present oneself, turn up, be along, come along, materialize
    reach, get to, get as far as, come to, make, make it to, set foot on, gain, attain
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    1. 1.1 (of a thing) be brought or delivered.
      ‘the invitation arrived a few days later’
      • ‘Products take 5-7 days to arrive by DHL, for a reasonable £6 throughout Britain.’
      • ‘1880 The first imported frozen meat from Australia arrived in Britain.’
      • ‘Gifts arrive almost daily, and today brought another Amazon package.’
      • ‘Rural families got their news from smaller papers delivered to town once a week or from magazines arriving by railroad.’
      • ‘Two weeks later, the missing doors and bolts arrived but the delivery man dropped one of the doors, which broke!’
      • ‘We were actually brought our main courses before the soup arrived, and had to remind the waitress of our order.’
      • ‘Customers on Blue Line 1 will be pleased to know that 12 new double deck buses will arrive early in November bringing much needed extra capacity on this busy route.’
      • ‘Engineers work on the vehicles, stripping out engines; supplies are brought in and more equipment arrives daily.’
      • ‘The pizza actually arrived late because the delivery guy went to the wrong junior high.’
      • ‘The letters arriving to homes in the south of Ireland were not bringing the money that they had joined for.’
      • ‘I once ordered flowers at another florist's with the same time span for delivery and the flowers arrived on time.’
      • ‘With emergency supplies slow to arrive, some New Orleans residents have died of dehydration in the past few days.’
      • ‘The circulating nurse verifies that the implant components have arrived and brings them to the OR.’
      • ‘Seeds and planting supplies were delivered late, wagons and ploughs arrived decrepit, axes were too small to be useful.’
      • ‘Lunch had arrived, the wonderful moment I had so been looking forward to.’
      • ‘But it is the Law of Sod, they may not arrive in the last delivery this evening, but they'll probably turn up in the first on Monday morning.’
      • ‘This morning a letter from the Labour Party arrives.’
      • ‘‘We get deliveries for his restaurant arriving in our restaurant,’ said Leander.’
      • ‘When the platter arrived, we wondered if they had misheard us and brought three servings.’
      • ‘In Swindon, nearly all local mail letters that are posted in the town and delivered to addresses in the SN area code arrive on time.’
    2. 1.2arrive at Reach (a conclusion or decision)
      ‘they arrived at the same conclusion’
      • ‘Would it have arrived at the same decision if it had no direct financial interest in the outcome?’
      • ‘Weldon maintained that the arbitrator exceeded his jurisdiction in arriving at this decision.’
      • ‘In particular, would they find their own conclusions harder to arrive at if they were more in touch?’
      • ‘And he is hardly alone in arriving at the conclusion that Monty has dodged a very serious bullet.’
      • ‘It has to be taken into account in arriving at a conclusion as to the meaning of the Act.’
      • ‘The judge appreciated that in those circumstances she had to arrive at her own conclusion.’
      • ‘In the Commonwealth, appellate courts were arriving at the same conclusions.’
      • ‘I am sure scientists will empathise with the need to get all the data and analysis before arriving at a conclusion.’
      • ‘Who can tell what is decisive in arriving at judgements, decisions, and basic orientations?’
      • ‘The conclusion they arrive at is the only logical one it is possible to reach.’
      • ‘The second part is devoted to a discussion of how Korpi arrives at his conclusions.’
      • ‘There is a real possibility that they would have arrived at a different decision had they done so.’
      • ‘Anderson grapples with this supposed contrast and arrives at the conclusion that it is not that clear-cut.’
      • ‘The series of conclusions he arrives at are all tied to the system of exploitation that we find ourselves in.’
      • ‘So how do we arrive at a decision to purchase one product rather than another?’
      • ‘Then there is the matter of arriving at a mechanism for reaching a resolution.’
      • ‘I would love to say that I have agonized long and hard before arriving at this decision.’
      • ‘While he was still as far as ever from arriving at a decision, some person knocked at the door.’
      • ‘The purpose is to allow the reader to follow the steps the committee made in arriving at its conclusion.’
      • ‘The author deserves great credit for his determination to avoid arriving at simple conclusions.’
      achieve, attain, reach, gain, accomplish
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    3. 1.3 (of an event or a particular moment) happen or come.
      ‘we will be in touch with them when the time arrives’
      • ‘Fascist perceptions of the world were founded on belief that a watershed period in history had arrived, bringing a new world.’
      • ‘Before frost arrives, bring tender herbs indoors to the window or light garden you've prepared.’
      • ‘A cold front will arrive today and bring rains to the north and the east over the weekend, the bureau said yesterday.’
      • ‘After a long and abrasive period of campaigning, the UK General Election has finally arrived.’
      • ‘For such a prospect requires that an infinite number of events must have elapsed before the present moment could arrive.’
      • ‘The programme was filmed some months ago, and eventually the big moment arrived.’
      • ‘It's odd that I seem to spend all week waiting for this particular moment and when it arrives, I find myself wondering what I'll be doing with my weekend.’
      • ‘Signs of spring appear to have arrived early in one North Yorkshire village.’
      • ‘Several hundred years later, in 641, the Arabs arrived, bringing the Islamic faith with them.’
      • ‘Following the presentation by student faculty members, the big moment arrived.’
      • ‘As the big moment arrived all assembled in the Square in Rathdowney on a miserable, damp and misty morning.’
      • ‘The storm arrived slowly, brought in the high tide and the storm surge into this area.’
      • ‘Spring had finally arrived and brought an anniversary of Adam gone for 2 months.’
      • ‘When the Moment of Truth arrives, the user sees the results of a proper double-blind test.’
      • ‘There are years, such as 1978 and 1985, when botrytis either fails to develop at all or arrives very late in the year.’
      • ‘The season of the consumer has arrived, and it brings with it unpredictable weather.’
      • ‘The most traumatic moment arrives when the younger brother feels obliged to disavow his mentally handicapped older brother, from shame, in a schoolyard fight.’
      • ‘As with every debate, a moment arrived when the two men were given an opportunity to show their human sides.’
      • ‘This is an open invitation to flooding once the monsoon arrives and if the Tawi does overflow it will be a disaster.’
      • ‘However, on Wednesday the snows arrived and with six to ten inches falling, it brought everything to a virtual standstill.’
      • ‘Mostly it was about what they were going to do when the fast approaching weekend arrived and brought with it the promise of a brief respite from school.’
      • ‘If you've had no reason to look inside the box when the ‘Deliver by’ date arrives, dispose of it.’
      happen, occur, take place, come about, transpire, ensue, present itself, crop up
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    4. 1.4 (of a new development or product) come into existence or use.
      ‘microcomputers arrived at the start of the 1970s’
      • ‘The digital tsunami has arrived, bringing with it new crazes such as this year's hot broadband trend: downloading.’
      • ‘In the post World War II years, new products were slow to arrive on the commercial market.’
      • ‘Their first beta products are supposed to arrive in six months.’
      • ‘There are nine products which will arrive in the US showrooms by the end of 2004, reports Automotive News.’
      • ‘We know a certain product is going to arrive on campus.’
      • ‘Dell seems determined to pick up Intel's Yamhill product when it arrives - one day.’
      • ‘As the product is scheduled to arrive in retailers one week from today, eager players shouldn't have to wait much longer before it's in their hands.’
      • ‘People may not want to read text, but when the broadband Internet arrives and can deliver video, then surely the revolution will come.’
      • ‘If the time is indicating the X1800 launch, it will come almost a week after the product is supposed to arrive on store shelves.’
      • ‘How close are you to building the culture you want because some products are still not arriving in the marketplace when promised?’
      • ‘Growers in general say the hot weather could result in the finest wine this country has ever produced arriving on supermarket shelves and dinner tables in the middle of next year.’
      • ‘For local residents, the long wait for offshore petroleum development to arrive on their shores is over.’
      • ‘What products will be developed first and when will they arrive?’
      • ‘NearPoint is the first product to arrive from Mimosa, which started back in 2003 on the back of $6.5m in venture capital.’
      • ‘But this time around, it's a much more polished entertainer, although it's overshadowed by products yet to arrive.’
      • ‘The product itself is cheap until it arrives in the U.S.; most of the profits are made outside of Colombia.’
      • ‘Some new brands arriving in the city for the first time really bring some surprises for women.’
      emerge, appear, make an appearance, surface, dawn, be born, come into being, arise, spring up, be developed, start
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    5. 1.5 (of a baby) be born.
      ‘he will feel jealous when a new baby arrives’
      • ‘Doctors were unhappy with her condition and induced her, but did not expect the baby to arrive until Boxing Day.’
      • ‘The first Swindon babies of 2003 began arriving in the early hours of the year.’
      • ‘The baby started to arrive as her mother was in the bath trying to relax before being taken to hospital.’
      • ‘He's saying that he's going to take at least a year off to be with his daughter and the baby once it arrives.’
      • ‘It was the best Christmas present of all for a young Stromness family when baby girl Holly arrived on Boxing Day.’
      • ‘Sarah, 19, had gone into labour just an hour earlier but her baby decided he would not wait for help to arrive.’
      • ‘Baby Bilbe was due to arrive on December 27, instead she held out until 4 am on January 1.’
      • ‘His final wish was that he would get to see his newly born grandson who arrived into the world just three minutes after Bill passed away.’
      • ‘Twin babies girls arrived in Culleen recently to proud parents Pat and Mary Needham.’
      • ‘Tamisha was one of three babies who arrived en route to Hampshire hospitals last weekend.’
      • ‘They were both waiting anxiously for the new baby to arrive.’
      • ‘The 7lb 3oz girl was born at 2.45 am - the second baby to arrive on New Year's Day.’
      • ‘A couple got more excitement than they bargained for when their baby decided to arrive early during a Peter Gabriel concert.’
      • ‘It could be argued that baby Kennedy should arrive closer to its due date in the middle of this month - and polling day.’
      • ‘That was all and now he was waiting for his wife's baby to arrive so that he could safely return to his own lifestyle.’
      • ‘Bouncing bundles of joy welcomed the New Year in with a gurgle as the first babies of 2004 arrived in the early hours.’
      • ‘You have two important roles to play as you wait for your baby to arrive: first at the birth, and second in the raising of your child.’
      • ‘Her husband called Thomson Medical Centre, but an ambulance did not turn up for more than 45 minutes, five minutes longer than it took the baby to arrive.’
      • ‘Cara was not the first baby to arrive in Bolton on New Year's Day.’
      • ‘But her baby daughter started to arrive and the crew of the Oban lifeboat found themselves helping the midwife and paramedic.’
    6. 1.6informal Achieve success or recognition.
      • ‘The Miller Glasgow International Comedy Festival has finally arrived as a major fixture in the comic calendar.’
      • ‘However, if you struggle too much then you won't actually be able to achieve victory once you arrive.’
      succeed, achieve success, be successful, be a success, do well, get ahead, reach the top, make good, prosper, flourish, thrive, advance, triumph, be victorious, break through, become famous, achieve recognition
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Middle English (in the sense ‘reach the shore after a voyage’): from Old French ariver, based on Latin ad- ‘to’ + ripa ‘shore’.