Definition of arranger in US English:



  • 1A person who adapts a musical composition for performance.

    ‘he was among the finest arrangers and orchestrators of ballet scores’
    • ‘A prominent arranger of music for salon orchestras by 1900, his own compositions took a progressively more important role in his career.’
    • ‘He went to London and worked with an arranger to record accompanying orchestration.’
    • ‘In middle age, he took a great interest in early music, more from the point of view of the arranger than of the scholar.’
    • ‘He became the vocal arranger for those cheerfully overwrought cuts, which were among the most difficult to record.’
    • ‘He has worked as a composer and arranger for the New York City Ballet.’
    • ‘He himself is no slouch as an arranger of traditional melodies.’
    • ‘The CD takes two very early performances from 1967, which showcase him as arranger and composer.’
    • ‘In later periods, Bach himself became a favorite subject for arrangers.’
    • ‘Everything depends on an arranger's ambitions with happy Christmas tunes.’
    • ‘The arranger should always aim to consider how the composer would have written the music had that medium been the original one.’
  • 2A person who arranges flowers in a display.

    ‘a group of enthusiastic flower arrangers’
    • ‘In the hands of an expert floral arranger, they can be breathtaking.’
    • ‘The flower arrangers have really captured the individuals in their work.’
    • ‘Variegated varieties are valuable for brightening dark areas in the garden, while the trailing stems are much prized by flower arrangers.’
    • ‘He is a well-known flower arranger himself and will give a demonstration of his art.’
    • ‘They coat and strengthen brittle stems and blooms, and dried-flower arrangers recommend them.’
    • ‘Her mother is a designer and arranger of silk flowers in Connecticut.’
    • ‘I am simply an arranger of flowers.’
    • ‘Veteran floral arrangers know that this fabulous flower only looks delicate—in fact, if properly treated, cut lilies will last for weeks.’
    • ‘She also played bridge, enjoyed researching her family history, and was a flower arranger at her local church.’
    • ‘Before becoming a mechanic, she worked as a landscaper, a floral arranger, and a cabinetmaker.’
  • 3A person who organizes or makes plans for an event or deal.

    ‘the arrangers of the bond sale started to test market demand’
    • ‘It was the sole structurer and arranger of the issue.’
    • ‘The funeral arranger says they are proud to have served local people in times of need for so many years.’
    • ‘The bank served as advisor, equity placement agent, and lead arranger of credit facility.’
    • ‘The scouts were the arrangers of the tournament taking place on Saturday.’
    • ‘I want to thank the sponsors and the arrangers of the event.’
    • ‘The national police chief identified him as "a planner and arranger the of bombings."’
    • ‘It was one of four arrangers of the $1.8 billion initial public offering in June.’
    • ‘These banks are the main arrangers of the five-year loan.’
    • ‘They will be lead arranger of the share sale.’
    • ‘Antonio is an arranger of weddings.’