Definition of arrangement in English:



  • 1The action, process, or result of arranging or being arranged.

    ‘the arrangement of the furniture in the room’
    • ‘The books of the OT and NT have reached their present number and arrangement by a process of adjustment and elimination over centuries.’
    • ‘The shape of neurons varies with the number and arrangement of their processes.’
    • ‘The audience sit in a sort of three-cornered arrangement facing the main platform.’
    • ‘Nor did he put the figures on display in a frontally disposed arrangement.’
    • ‘Pete finally settled on an arrangement that he was happy with, consisting of a butterfly and a long loop leading to a bowline on the bight.’
    • ‘My children are at state schools and my health is in the care of the state - and I am happy with this socially just arrangement.’
    • ‘It's a big job, dressing a tree properly, and it takes a couple of days for the arrangement to settle down, during which period there is a need for much tweaking of the decorations until there's no further improvement to be made.’
    • ‘TGI Fridays has more than one seating arrangement, ranging from the stools around the central bar to cosy nooks for couples.’
    • ‘The whole point of a federalist approach is that it lets the voters of the states decide what sort of arrangement counts as a social-policy success.’
    • ‘If the Government wish to convince the Muslim community about the need to pay higher Haj charter fare, the process of charter arrangement must become transparent.’
    • ‘Within the next meadow only a few hundred feet away from Ysban's settlement was an arrangement of stone pillars.’
    • ‘The cottages were so minuscule, they must have had some sort of stacking arrangement for sleeping.’
    • ‘Tom Phillips presented a typically idiosyncratic arrangement of 40 sheets of Minutes from RA meetings on which he'd doodled quite exquisitely.’
    • ‘Government customers provide economic incentives in the process of arrangement of tenders and during the award and performance of contracts.’
    positioning, disposition, marshalling, ranging, ordering
    preparations, plans
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    1. 1.1 A thing that has been arranged in a neat or attractive way.
      ‘an intricate arrangement of gravel paths’
      • ‘You can bring along a flower arrangement or just bring flowers from your garden.’
      • ‘Use a sharp knife to trim stems before adding flowers to an arrangement, or before storing them in water.’
      • ‘Simply immerse the cut stem into boiling water for a few seconds then use either in an arrangement or for cut flowers.’
      • ‘There are trees and bushes, wildlife and fauna rather than gravestones, flower arrangements, gravel and mowed lawns.’
      • ‘You can order an arrangement of silk flowers only or a combination of silk and fresh flowers.’
      • ‘While training demobbed squaddies for a return to Civvie Street, he produced a flower arrangement which delighted the general's wife when she was inspecting the troops.’
      • ‘They had a small heel and a neat arrangement of straps that Ariana thought very pretty.’
      • ‘The competition this month is a flower arrangement in an egg cup.’
      • ‘An arrangement of porcelain flowers, or miniature horses, or even a bowlful of gardenias from yesteryear would qualify as one of today's tablescapes.’
      • ‘But she was there as guest-of-honour on the night and was presented with a flower arrangement and £130.’
      • ‘First prize is a £50 gift voucher to spend in store, and one runner-up will receive an arrangement of flowers, worth £20.’
      • ‘A woman fitting Subhaporn's description came into the shop and ordered a large arrangement of flowers.’
      • ‘The competition for an arrangement of spring garden flowers for the Jean Drew Plate was won by Eileen Spalding, with Joan Didio second and Minnie Dugmore third.’
      • ‘The singer spent two hours with the Brooks family and presented Robyn with a beautiful arrangement of flowers, as well as signed pictures.’
      • ‘Jean Radford, who also stepped down from the committee after three years, was also presented with chocolates and a flower arrangement.’
      • ‘My mother is at the show this year, with a floral arrangement from Wroxham Flower Club.’
      • ‘Jane's had a neat arrangement of books stacked on top of each other and a can of half-used blue hair dye.’
      • ‘They said they were impressed with the Longs' garden and all its features, including two small ponds and fountains, colourful flowers and plant arrangements.’
      • ‘It was set with silver, gold, porcelain, crystal and huge flower arrangements from the Imperial Greenhouses.’
      • ‘Slightly angled stripes of red and white march across the painting's surface in a neat arrangement.’
  • 2usually arrangementsPlans or preparations for a future event.

    ‘all the arrangements for the wedding were made’
    • ‘The coordinating committee is now working on the arrangements for the event.’
    • ‘A meeting will be held this evening, Tuesday, at 9pm in the Ballina Sports and Leisure Centre to make final arrangements for this event.’
    • ‘When it came to healthcare Lewis said his government had prepared legislation and made arrangements for the introduction of a National Health Insurance Scheme.’
    • ‘For Spence, one of the main lessons that must be learned from the 2001 epidemic is that Scotland must be given full control over arrangements for dealing with future outbreaks.’
    • ‘Could we request the university authorities to make better arrangements for holding these events in future, so that all students can exercise their right to associate and speak freely?’
    • ‘These letters reveal the eager young composer fretting anxiously over arrangements for the premiere of the work.’
    • ‘We hope this will give you time to plan your own arrangements for Christmas and that as you pass Market House you can feel that you had a hand in the start of the restoration of the building.’
    • ‘The council is also waiting to hear about the detailed arrangements for the planning and administration of the national park.’
    • ‘North Yorkshire county councillors are protesting to the Government about proposed new arrangements for sixth-form funding to be introduced from April 2002.’
    • ‘This year the scramble in Claremorris will be on the first Saturday in July and John has already made preliminary arrangements for the event.’
    • ‘In his letter in last week's Gazette, Vincent Doey referred to the future arrangements for the Parent Partnership Services for children in Wiltshire with special educational needs.’
    • ‘The Renuka Sangeetha Sabha, which is making arrangements for Saturday's event, has been organising a variety of music programmes to encourage young musicians.’
    • ‘A spokeswoman said: ‘We will be looking at alternative staffing arrangements for the future.’’
    • ‘Well, the first step is to have an objective professional appraisal of your current arrangements and future plans.’
    • ‘West Wiltshire Primary Care Trust is planning an overhaul of arrangements for hospital cover at all community hospitals under its control.’
    • ‘I've already made preliminary arrangements for our plan, Nicholas.’
    • ‘The Military District of Washington coordinated arrangements for the many events that led up to Reagan's official state funeral.’
    • ‘A special meeting to make arrangements for this event will be held in the near future.’
    • ‘Another worker spent her first month as a legislative aide making arrangements for fund-raising events, the documents said.’
    • ‘He must then suggest future arrangements for European cooperation.’
    • ‘The elaborate arrangements for the event extended to the provision of viewing facilities for the thousands of people who would come to the race.’
    arrangements, planning, plans, provision, preparatory measures, preliminaries, necessary steps, groundwork, spadework, foundation, gearing up
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    1. 2.1 An agreement with someone.
      ‘the travel agents have an arrangement with the hotel’
      ‘by special arrangement, students can take a course in other degree programs’
      • ‘We believe that unions and employees should have the right to include arrangements within a collective agreement that will allow for non-union members to pay a bargaining fee.’
      • ‘Is there any circumstance in which you can come to an arrangement with Kerry campaign not to run?’
      • ‘His failure to create a contractual arrangement with his passengers means that he is constantly taken advantage of.’
      • ‘The flexibility inherent in such an arrangement would prove attractive to Aer Lingus, which could also take up purchase options on aircraft it may choose to lease in the short-term.’
      • ‘‘The PCT has come to an arrangement with Hathaway Surgery and seven other local practices for the provision of this care,’ a spokesman said.’
      • ‘Now, by special arrangement with concert promoter Raymond Gubbay and the Royal Albert Hall, Saga is delighted to invite you to a magical night at the ballet.’
      • ‘It is understandable that such an arrangement could seem attractive at a time when hospitals are desperately over budget and seeking every possible way of cutting costs and boosting revenue.’
      • ‘No contractual arrangements or personal agreements between same-sex or de facto couples can override the legislation.’
      • ‘Other regional agreements or arrangements deal with marine pollution emergencies and port state control of shipping.’
      • ‘The sub-committee have come to an arrangement with other Waterford clubs to accommodate Tramore members who wish to play golf during those closed days.’
      • ‘Shop owners should make arrangements for the proper disposal of waste in arrangement with local authorities.’
      • ‘From Monday a new arrangement with county council contractors Hills Waste came into effect.’
      • ‘Videotapes may be sent as auditions by special arrangement with the artistic director or assistant.’
      • ‘The school had also come to an arrangement with a local pub for parents to use its car park when dropping or collecting their youngsters.’
      • ‘The implementation of such policies may therefore require cross-border agreements and cooperative arrangements between neighbouring local government bodies.’
      • ‘The proposal includes an arrangement with the City of Toronto Parking Authority to purchase 150 spaces in the completed development.’
      • ‘Mrs Gover said she would like to come to an arrangement with Holy Trinity Primary School in Great Cheverell to arrange visits by schoolchildren to see the wildlife flora and fauna on the farm.’
      • ‘And wherever we perceive repetition we conceive a syntactic sequence - an order or systematic arrangement of its parts.’
      • ‘The heart of the matter was, he never truly knew how to love anyone and was unsure of how to rightly approach someone without it being some sort of business arrangement.’
      • ‘This exhibition can be viewed by special arrangement with the organizers and by appointment only.’
      • ‘Product fees are hidden under various disguises such as booking fee, reservation fee, processing fee, arrangement fee or completion fee.’
      • ‘For everyone concerned it was a neat arrangement.’
      agreement, appointment, engagement, deal, understanding, settlement, bargain, compact, pact, contract, covenant, compromise, gentleman's agreement
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  • 3A composition adapted for performance with different instruments or voices than those originally specified.

    ‘Mozart's symphonies in arrangements for cello and piano’
    • ‘To me the musical arrangement, instrumentation, vocals and harmonies, are just as important as the lyrics.’
    • ‘Haydn's musical genius created the perfect accompaniments and arrangements for the folk melodies, elevating them to first-class lieder.’
    • ‘This collection contains twelve song arrangements for piano with the lyrics printed at the close.’
    • ‘He therefore embarked on a series of arrangements for String Orchestra in an attempt to present the String Quartet medium to a wider audience.’
    • ‘One work the couple has performed frequently is a four-hand arrangement of Brahms's Fourth Symphony, written by the composer himself.’
    • ‘Although not all the symphonies survive, three are preserved in arrangements by the composer for piano duet.’
    • ‘I was impressed by the sincerity of his voice and the musical arrangements of his songs.’
    • ‘His speciality is extension of the guitar repertoire, with arrangements of Chopin, Brahms and, particularly, J S Bach.’
    • ‘A teacher's companion book that includes activities for the classroom and sheet music arrangements of the songs also is available.’
    • ‘Many important lessons about music making and piano technique can be gleaned through the teaching of these attractive arrangements.’
    • ‘Composer Christopher Dedrick combines bombastic orchestral arrangements coupled with delicate choral and piano pieces for the instrumental score.’
    • ‘The volume concludes with concert arrangements of Chopin's Rondo, Op. 16, and five waltzes.’
    • ‘A body of such works as instrumental duets and arrangements of theatrical tunes for small ensembles was tailored to amateur musicians of limited abilities.’
    • ‘He has published numerous supplementary books for college group instruction, as well as duet and duo piano arrangements for young students.’
    • ‘He also gives a witty solo performance in the piano arrangement of the Valse from Façade.’
    • ‘They gave many performances of original arrangements from his operetta material.’
    • ‘The Andante is an arrangement for string orchestra of one of the movements of the quartet.’
    • ‘Movies are a great source of memorable melodies, and the latest to enter the orchestral arrangements field is composer and pianist Brian Byrne.’
    • ‘Some of the orchestral musical arrangements sound absolutely spectacular.’
    • ‘The soundtrack offers a mix of orchestral arrangements, instrumental soloists and pop with a hint of strings.’
    adaptation, setting, scoring, orchestration, instrumentation, reduction, harmonization
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  • 4archaic A settlement of a dispute or claim.