Definition of aromatization in US English:


(British aromatisation)


  • See aromatize

    • ‘Its action involves hydroxylations and dehydrations that culminate in aromatization of the A ring of the androgens.’
    • ‘In the brain, aromatization of androgens into estrogens is an essential step in regulating a variety of physiological and behavioral processes.’
    • ‘Other methods for achieving aromatization involve the use of elemental palladium, platinum, nickel, sulfur or selenium, activated charcoal or quinones.’
    • ‘Dryden added that the same testosterone-to-estrogen process, called aromatization, also occurs in older males.’
    • ‘For example, students are made aware that production of estrogen in the follicle involves androgen production by thecal cells and aromatization by granulosal cells.’