Definition of arolla in US English:


(also arolla pine)


  • A tall pine tree native to the Alps and Carpathian mountains, often planted in dense clumps as an avalanche break.

    Pinus cembra, family Pinaceae

    • ‘This is the view offered by Val Venosta, a land where the striking green of arolla pines and cypresses rises up against the deep blue horizon.’
    • ‘Their pine nuts come from Swiss stone pines, whose close relative the Korean nut pine grows well and yields good crops in Ottawa.’
    • ‘In lower elevations, stands of dwarf mountain pine and old spruce stands occur with intermixed Swiss stone pine and alpine juniper.’
    • ‘The lowest track is also the youngest part of the flora and the larch trees in the stony environment are a different picture from the old arolla pines above.’
    • ‘The Swiss stone pine needle pH depends mostly on the type of soil the tree grows on - the lime soils caused the needles to be more alkaline.’
    • ‘Outwith the aforementioned mountain ranges, which are highest in Slovakia, larch is present only sporadically whilst arolla pine, if present, is considered by most an unnatural element.’
    • ‘You can recognise the arolla pine by the needles which grow in groups of five.’
    • ‘And unlike white pine, the needles of Swiss stone pine persist up to five years, giving the tree a full-bodied appearance.’
    • ‘Small-leafed linden, mountain elm, ash, Siberian fir, spruce, blue spruce, larch, arolla pine and pine are also among the traditional trees.’
    • ‘As regards winter diet, the species eaten most in relation to availability was mountain pine, followed by Norway spruce, arolla pine, larch, silver fir and Scots pine.’
    • ‘From the top station we walk on the Zirbenweg, an enjoyable botanical walk through an age old forest of Swiss stone pines with fascinating views of the Innsbruck valley.’
    • ‘P. cembra, the Swiss stone pine, has a range which extends eastwards from the Alps; and P. gerardiana is a native of the Himalayas.’
    • ‘Arc 2000 takes you from the imposing kingdom of arolla pines to the ‘roof of the world’.’
    • ‘All of Saskatchewan's better nurseries will carry Swiss stone pine, so if the nursery you're dealing with hasn't heard of it, or doesn't bother to stock it, take your business elsewhere.’
    • ‘The Aletsch forest with its very old Swiss stone pines is an experience well worth making.’
    • ‘The Aletsch forest is full of many kinds of flowers, with century-old arolla pines, and also wildlife.’
    • ‘The Swiss stone pine has smooth grey bark and deep blue-violet cones up to 8 cm long that remain on the tree for three or four years before dropping.’
    • ‘Lake basins, larch woods and Swiss stone pine woods, peatbogs, and alpine pastures are typical of the area.’
    • ‘A flora unique in Europe: This is the only French national park containing all levels of vegetation: from Mediterranean vegetation (holm oak, olive tree, hop-hornbeam) to rhododendron moors and up to alpine meadows at more than 2500 meters, whilst passing through fir, spruce, mountain pine, arolla pine and especially larch forests.’
    • ‘Its micro-climate, prestigious mountains, vast unspoilt glacier, rivers, forest of larch and arolla pines, protected flora and fauna mean that in Evolène you can alternate between taking up the challenge of the great outdoors and relaxing in undisturbed peace.’


Late 19th century: from Swiss French arol(l)e.