Definition of army issue in US English:

army issue


  • usually as modifier Equipment or clothing supplied by the army.

    • ‘He passed by the trucks and larger vehicles, walking until he stood in front of an army-issue motorcycle.’
    • ‘Wearing an army-issue hat and coat, Li Xing Bai tills a 480-square-yard plot using a wooden plow with a single rusted metal blade.’
    • ‘Sarah Jane Masters bought a new pair of desert boots, a camp bed, water bottles, a rucksack, sunglasses and toiletries because she thought standard army issue equipment was not up to the job.’
    • ‘Twelve Sathe perched around and on the ship's central cabin, stripped to the waist and wearing old US army issue camouflage trousers, some with their decorated scabbards strung from equipment belts.’
    • ‘The machete was army issue - heavy and effective.’
    • ‘At one camp, the buses stopped and women passed out food to the troops, who have had to ration their army-issue packets of ready-to-eat meals due to disruptions to supply lines by fierce fighting further south.’
    • ‘Amid the heat and dust of the Sudan campaign over a century ago, British troops had to complete the gruelling march to Omdurman barefoot because the stitches of their army-issue boots burst and the soles fell off.’
    • ‘The covers on the beds were thin brown blankets, reminding Chris of army issue blankets.’
    • ‘He has been researching the 1937 Nanking Massacre, in which Japanese soldiers, cranked-up on army-issue amphetamines, were responsible for war atrocities of mind-numbing horror.’
    • ‘It is difficult to put a law-abiding construction on the possession of two bows with 20 steel-tipped arrows, or argue that anybody was keeping a spear gun and army-issue bullets for recreational use.’
    • ‘All day long, I wore army-issue fatigues, a flak vest, carried a full pack and an M - 16 assault rifle, and patrolled cotton fields on the lookout for Palestinians crossing into Israel illegally.’
    • ‘The officer seemed taken aback, that such a small, vulnerable-looking person would be driving this huge, nearly antique, army issue jeep.’
    • ‘The march to the battle was twelve miles, and there was no such thing as army issue boots.’
    • ‘A demonstration of the sternest intolerance to misappropriation of army-issue weapons in 2004 should have served as a deterrent to misguided or compromised soldiers.’
    • ‘Officers have been known to spend £140 on civilian global positioning satellite systems rather than wait for army-issue gear.’
    • ‘Lieutenant Parks even gave him a yellow army issue bandanna that he wore proudly around his neck.’
    • ‘He walked over to the other side of the room, where an army-issue rucksack was sitting on a table.’
    • ‘An Israeli soldier, on duty on the West Bank, complained after being given army-issue underwear - made in Palestine.’
    • ‘It wasn't until after Xavier heard the door close that he crept his hand under the sofa pillow to withdraw the army issue 9mm Beretta that he had hidden there when Pattison entered.’
    • ‘Last year Scotland on Sunday revealed more than half of all soldiers buy their own equipment because they do not trust army-issue kit.’