Definition of army brat in US English:

army brat


  • A child of a career soldier, especially one who has lived in various places as a result of military transfers.

    • ‘As an army brat myself, I am proud of the achievements of our men and women in the armed services, who have saved us from dire threats to our liberty.’
    • ‘Power grew up an army brat in St-Hubert on the South Shore until moving at age 12.’
    • ‘Track is one of my favorite sports, but I'm an army brat and I suppose that explains it.’
    • ‘I'm an army brat, in a way, because my father had ten years in the military.’
    • ‘They were army brats together before his family settled down and her family followed soon after.’
    • ‘Katie and I were army brats, having a father in the military.’
    • ‘Citing such varied examples as Christina Aguilera, Jim Morrison and Homer Simpson, she more than makes her point, but she ultimately hammers it home by adding, ‘George W. Bush was an army brat.’’
    • ‘Then again, that's probably part of my military training/programming (did I mention I'm an army brat?’
    • ‘He hated to admit it but since the first day in sixth grade when the army brat had sauntered into class and won over half the class, the half that wasn't with him, he'd always had a thing for her.’
    • ‘I hear you are an army brat and that it was your mother who inculcated the love of cinema in you.’
    • ‘Son of Secretary of State Colin Powell, the 38-year-old former army brat is a diehard with a pro-business agenda.’
    • ‘Auditions were held and Jerry Nolan, an army brat and great musician, was chosen to be the fifth Doll.’
    • ‘And on my first voyage to the Far East, in 1923, I met an attractive young lady, a so-called army brat.’
    • ‘His daughter flirts outrageously and, for all her army brat bravado, doesn't understand the power of sex.’
    • ‘For example, Dick Armey grew up in North Dakota, and Newt Gingrich was an army brat who only settled in Cobb County, Georgia, because his research suggested that he might win elections there.’
    • ‘Being an army brat has its advantages like getting to see the world before your 18th birthday.’