Definition of armed in English:



  • 1Equipped with or carrying a weapon or weapons.

    ‘heavily armed troops’
    ‘the security forces are armed with automatic rifles’
    • ‘The Bill will see the same power extended to troops, armed with even more deadly weapons, operating under conditions of serious unrest.’
    • ‘Then an open truck drives by carrying eight armed soldiers.’
    • ‘The armed separatist group placed bombs on two high-tension electricity towers run by grid operator Red Electrica.’
    • ‘Soldiers armed with Kalashnikovs and grenade launchers lined the roads into the village.’
    • ‘Some 3,000 car-jackings occur every month carried out by people armed with semi-automatic weapons.’
    • ‘A teenager and a seven-year-old boy were injured as 50 men armed with sticks, bottles and baseball bats fought a pitched battle in a Bolton street.’
    • ‘In Gujranwala, the marathon armed vigilantes hurled petrol bombs and attacked the participants.’
    • ‘No one in West Yorkshire Police will be prosecuted over the shooting of a former soldier armed with an airgun, it was announced yesterday.’
    • ‘He said any police intervention was likely to have a dire effect because some of the squatters were now armed with automatic firearms.’
    • ‘What makes Hemopure so attractive to military officials is that, during armed conflict, blood supplies can run low.’
    • ‘Most days a crowd of desperate Afghans try to cross the fairy castle-like gate, only to find themselves beaten back by Pakistani soldiers armed with sticks.’
    • ‘They involved massive land armies armed with improved types of tanks, artillery and aviation.’
    • ‘They knew that some of the people inside of this settlement were armed, and perhaps prepared to use those arms.’
    • ‘Today, it turns out that the surveillance team had concluded that de Menezes was not a threat - that he was not about to detonate a bomb, was not armed and was not acting suspiciously.’
    • ‘The proportion of troops armed with more accurate, but slower firing, rifles remained low.’
    • ‘This brought the majority of the crew onto the main deck, many armed, all alarmed.’
    • ‘The Chinese had brought new tactics to the battlefield for directing mass peasant armies armed with crossbows.’
    • ‘Looking up, he saw a duo of guards and an armed robot down the hall.’
    • ‘Trucks began speeding towards them, carrying men armed with guns and more grenades.’
    • ‘They could scarcely have realised it at the time, but the 12-year-old schoolboy and his father were treading the same path as hunters armed with lethal firearms.’
    • ‘If we wished to make war, we certainly would not want to fight soldiers armed with blades such as these.’
    • ‘Up to 15 customers plus members of staff ran from the restaurant after the manager raised the alarm as an armed response team, called by another police officer, arrived on the scene.’
    fighting, service, army, defence, warrior, soldierly, soldier-like, martial
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    1. 1.1 Involving the use of firearms.
      ‘armed robbery’
      • ‘New types of weapons and equipment were in armed conflicts in the Middle East.’
      • ‘We weren't really prepared for armed confrontation, so we decided to find another trail.’
      • ‘In private but not in public, Fargo told the Chinese his command was prepared to use armed force to help defend Taiwan if the president so ordered.’
      • ‘The essential issue has been the preservation of the ability to resort to armed terror, while limiting their opponents' capacity to respond in kind.’
      • ‘There were mutterings of suing for peace - but as Britons prepared for an armed invasion, intelligence sources abroad detected that their worst fears may not be realised.’
      • ‘You think the looting, rape and armed terror that emerged within hours in New Orleans couldn't happen elsewhere?’
      • ‘Firearms police are better prepared than ever to face the terrifying threat of an armed incident or terrorist attack, according the officer responsible for a new North Yorkshire Police team.’
      • ‘Mr. Clinton expanded on the law-enforcement theme, signaling that terrorists need not fear an armed response.’
      • ‘Reacting to the momentum of events, Lenin, from hiding, ordered preparations for an armed insurrection.’
      • ‘Police believe banning sales of replica guns will lead to a drop in armed robberies and firearms incidents.’
      • ‘As a result, preparing for armed conflict is no longer only a matter of simply assembling battlefield strength to destroy defined adversaries.’
      • ‘The number of reported sexual assaults rose by 150 per cent and the number of armed robberies using firearms was up 67 per cent.’
      • ‘Did the rush to recognise independence for Croatia and Slovenia in 1991 prepare the way for armed conflict or not?’
      • ‘Its comrades argued openly for their ideas, but at the same time there was a clandestine organisation, assisted by the Russian Red Army, preparing for armed struggle.’
      • ‘Last month Batasuna, a banned party seen as Eta's political wing proposed a new formula for peace talks with the government, raising hopes that Eta might be prepared to end its armed struggle.’
      • ‘And then why did you commit four more armed robberies?’
      • ‘Most radical of all were the ultraists like John Brown, who were prepared to wage armed conflict to achieve their objectives.’
      • ‘Confusing cinematic spectacle with the horrors and necessities of armed conflict signals an end to our ability to discern truth.’
      • ‘The use of firearms in an armed robbery has declined in recent years, and at the same time there has been a dramatic increase in the use of other weapons, particularly knives, but also syringes.’
      • ‘A young shop assistant spoke of his relief today after being cleared of stealing £10,000 following an armed robbery at a Southampton post office.’
      • ‘A 23-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of armed robbery, kidnap, handling stolen goods and firearms offences.’
    2. 1.2 (of a bomb, alarm, or other device) prepared to activate or explode.
      • ‘Payne has rigged a city bus with an explosive device that is armed once the bus goes above 50 miles per hour.’
      • ‘I answered, pulling the bag of weapons up and taking an armed rifle out of the bag.’
      • ‘At my command, our heavy missiles were armed, and we all formed up, including the rookies and our own bomber, and made one last pass at them.’
      • ‘Conclusive tests are still being done, both on those suspected weapons and the missiles discovered with suspected chemically armed warheads.’
      • ‘Whereas factory alarms just make noise and someone can still start the car, my alarm actually shuts off the starter when it's armed.’
      • ‘All alarms when armed send a signal to a control room.’
      • ‘He regards his mail warily and handles packages like armed grenades.’
      • ‘For the first time in his life, the gunman isn't looking at a helpless victim, but at an armed man prepared to kill him.’
      • ‘Knowledge that the threat is in place; that nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons are armed and ready to be used.’
      • ‘Four other armed rockets also were discovered and defused.’
      • ‘The stakes have been set, and weapons are armed, and like we've heard time and time again, we, the gamers will reap the benefits of this extraordinary battle.’
      • ‘Similarly, a security system sign may not refer to an actual armed alarm.’
      • ‘The ‘A’ bomb and ‘H’ bomb were not armed until we were ready to drop them on a target.’
      • ‘Two green lights appeared on her HUD indicating that two Hornet missiles were armed and ready to launch.’
      • ‘The debris scattered onto the concrete floor below on the other side, showering the men holding armed weapons with piercing fragments.’
      • ‘The submissions state that the bombs were then armed and the cars driven into the city centre, where they were later detonated.’
      • ‘He stepped forward with the caution of one approaching an armed landmine.’
    3. 1.3 Supplied with equipment, tools, or other items in preparation or readiness for something.
      ‘he is armed with a list of questions’
      • ‘Lots of people knew, but it continued for months until one lowly soldier armed with irrefutable evidence finally blew the whistle.’
      • ‘A crackdown on illegal parking in York will see an army of new-style traffic wardens armed with new powers and digital cameras.’
      • ‘The protest warriors join anti-war protests in progress, armed with t-shirts and signs that force anti-war arguments to extreme conclusions.’
      • ‘In this series, Kathy, armed only with the tools of science, conducts her own experiments, reviews the latest science and checks her findings with colleagues.’
      • ‘In the early Western Desert campaigns, PWE operated a few front-line propaganda units, armed with megaphones, to try to persuade Italian troops to desert.’
      • ‘A more critically-minded minister of health services armed with more intimate knowledge of the subject might be more hesitant about making such broad changes.’
      • ‘As a deluge of rain poured down on the course and a battalion of green staff armed with squeegees fought to keep play in motion, Matthew eventually pleaded with an official that play should be stopped.’
      • ‘Delegates will be equipped to return to their diocese throughout the continent armed with the ability to evaluate the situation in their region or parish.’
      • ‘That said, the detainees may well be innocent of any crime, but to appear at an airbase civil or military armed with notepads and cameras in this environment is daft.’
      • ‘My asthma would be classed as mild, but I have fought a constant battle with it, armed with my Ventolin puffer and occasionally steroid medication.’
      • ‘The only armies we send over are those armed with fiddles, bodhrans, flutes and mandolins.’
      • ‘We descended on the steak like the Swiss army, armed with skewers instead of their multi-purpose knives.’
  • 2Heraldry
    Having claws, a beak, etc. of a specified tincture.


  • armed to the teeth

    • Formidably armed.

      • ‘Two warriors, armed to the teeth, stand alert, ready to defend the demolition team in case of a raid by bandits.’
      • ‘The Bedford, a NATO battleship armed to the teeth, is on patrol in the North Atlantic when it receives two guests via helicopter.’
      • ‘Twenty-two men exited the aircraft, all clothed in dark fatigues and all armed to the teeth.’