Definition of armchair in US English:



  • A comfortable chair, typically upholstered, with side supports for a person's arms.

    • ‘Opposite the table was another sitting area, with sofas and armchairs forming three sides of a square.’
    • ‘Two armchairs stood by each side of the hearth and I sat down in one of them to get warm.’
    • ‘Joe and Hoss took their coffee and sat down in the armchairs on either side of the fireplace.’
    • ‘The studio is furnished with sofas, armchairs and a coffee table - not a desk in sight.’
    • ‘Immediately upon entering there was a living room, with a sofa and two armchairs.’
    • ‘Tea served in wicker armchairs at three am gives a colonial feel to the place.’
    • ‘The group moved towards the tables, sofas and armchairs at the far corner of the club where the seating area was.’
    • ‘They sat, as they always did, in the faded velvet armchairs on either side of the fire.’
    • ‘Patients sitting in the comfort of their armchairs are having vital signs monitored in a hi-tech link up with nurses.’
    • ‘These are like well furnished drawing rooms, equipped with coffee tables and comfortable armchairs.’
    • ‘Central to the room was a conversation sofa, flanked on either side by a suite of comfortable Georgian buttoned leather armchairs.’
    • ‘We inherited a sofa and a couple of armchairs, as well as a fridge from friends who'd moved out.’
    • ‘We should not sit back in our comfortable armchairs in our secure society and judge them out of context.’
    • ‘The nurse led them towards a comfy looking room, with plenty of armchairs and sofas.’
    • ‘Comfortable armchairs and low ottomans ensure visitors enjoy their drinks.’
    • ‘On delivery, I discovered that one of the armchairs did not have the footrest feature that I ordered.’
    • ‘The visitors' lounge turned out to be a kind of living room, with a sofa and a rug and several armchairs.’
    • ‘Simon, seated side by side with his sister in matching armchairs, silently complimented her on her tactfulness.’
    • ‘Once seated in the armchairs around a blazing fire, they ordered tea and waited silently.’
    • ‘Office chairs, armchairs, sofas - your back is in peril from all of them.’


  • attributive Lacking or not involving practical or direct experience of a particular subject or activity.

    ‘armchair adventurers’