Definition of arm-twist in US English:



  • See arm-twisting

    • ‘First Roosevelt demanded that Japan quit Indo-China, where the local Vichy-inclined administration had been arm-twisted into a quasi-alliance with Japan, then that Japan vacate China, both on threat of a US oil cut-off.’
    • ‘It is a cynic's argument that the Pakistani cricket authorities allowed themselves to be arm-twisted because the board's solvency depended on that tour.’
    • ‘The seed companies were also hoping to arm-twist EU ministers into lifting the ban on GM products in Europe.’
    • ‘His only ally was his younger protégé, Vice President Dick Cheney, who arm-twisted the Bush camp to give Rumsfeld the job of Defense Secretary.’
    • ‘Sethi and others feel that bar owners were merely being arm-twisted to make them contribute towards the election campaign.’
    • ‘Some viewers and critics have felt arm-twisted by the movie's bleak fatalism, while the first worshipful notices from the film's premiere at (a notably lacklustre) Cannes may have set expectations unfairly high.’
    • ‘The US had clearly arm-twisted the conference into supporting its biotech corporations.’
    • ‘International investors have connived with some of their home governments to arm-twist government officials and have succeeded in doing so.’
    • ‘And he knows how to fashion an argument and also how to arm-twist.’
    • ‘As such, an Indian force would have very limited ability to coerce or arm-twist groups into keeping the peace.’
    • ‘That appeal is one reason why Ford Vice-President Kathleen A. Ligocki arm-twisted the new CEO into appearing as the company pitchman in a popular series of national TV ads.’
    • ‘This was done to curry political favor with voters, and the industry was arm-twisted into going along, and that's the part that gives me pause.’
    • ‘The entire effort is to save domestic beef consumption and then arm-twist foreign consumption into coming back.’
    • ‘Companies like Weyerhaeuser and Georgia-Pacific were loath to see their holdings go up in flames, so they arm-twisted Congress into pouring millions of dollars into Forest Service fire-fighting programs.’
    • ‘In 1995, in a bid to catch up with more wired economies, the Suharto government arm-twisted Telkom into signing contracts with five foreign-backed consortia to manage its network.’
    • ‘We'll revise Government guidance which arm-twists councils into unwise speed bump schemes.’
    • ‘And that brings us back to the matter at hand: why bully and arm-twist countries to accept a constitution that can be breached by the biggest members when they feel like it, and with impunity?’
    • ‘It is almost certainly too late for this to be anything other than a dream, even if the Jordanians could be arm-twisted into accepting such a poisoned chalice.’
    • ‘We need to be able to deal with hypocrites and arm-twist them into making them see sense.’
    • ‘On this occasion, voting was left open for an unprecedented three hours while Republican leaders, including Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson, cajoled and arm-twisted to get the votes the White House demanded.’