Definition of arithmetic logic unit in US English:

arithmetic logic unit


  • A unit in a computer which carries out arithmetic and logical operations.

    • ‘As reported in Electronics Times, the company has used an architecture based on arithmetic logic units, in contrast to look-up tables.’
    • ‘We are not sticking a few ALUs [arithmetic logic units] here and there.’
    • ‘The bits may indicate a negative output of the arithmetic logic unit, a carry out signal, an overflow, or a zero output.’
    • ‘Also among the chips developed during this period were the 16-foot arithmetic logic unit, 16-foot multiplier and micro-controller chips.’
    • ‘Instead, the company implemented an Ultra-Threading Dispatch Processor that distributes the workload among the pixel processors and makes efficient use of the pixel processors' arithmetic logic units (ALUs).’


arithmetic logic unit

/ˌeriTHˌmedik ˈläjik ˌyo͞onət/