Definition of aristo in US English:



  • ‘the stinkingly rich aristos’
    another term for aristocrat
    • ‘To be sure, you don't have to be an aristo to become president.’
    • ‘Certainly the aristos from the centre of Spain are more proficient at handling trophies.’
    • ‘This is an aristo with a rebellious streak - a ‘practical radical’ who relieves the super-rich of their cash and redistributes it among the lower orders.’
    • ‘The beginning of the winter brought a new season of parties and gatherings with which the aristos sought to dispel the gloominess of this permanently twilit world.’
    • ‘But just as the finishing line came into view, the Basque boys began to falter, and the arrogant aristos of Madrid brought their skills to bear.’
    • ‘The side chapels were deserted, save for an elderly aristo woman who knelt on an embroidered hassock, chanting her rosary as she strung the beads along the string.’
    • ‘At the top table are the ‘hereditaries’, the half dozen Scots aristos who inherited their roles from their parents and who will pass them on to their offspring.’
    • ‘Classy, multi-roomed restaurant-club-bar in famous Cavendish Square, set in an elegant Grade II listed building that will have you wishing you were a landed aristo.’
    • ‘I am sure that they are not the aloof, unfeeling, aristos that some would have us believe.’
    • ‘Now the aristos and film idols have been joined by sports stars.’
    • ‘Being the beginning of the Season in society circles, all the aristos from the countryside were trickling through the city gates in their carriages.’
    • ‘My mother then died when I was eight and I was sent to work for aristos.’
    • ‘Her fortune set him up as a dealer who did a lucrative trade with French aristos desperate to sell their pictures.’
    • ‘That's another word that English aristos are fond of.’
    • ‘Benjamin, his sleuth hero, has his nose put out of joint when his fortune-teller sister, Therse, announces her engagement to Marie-Colbert, a rich aristo.’
    • ‘Most of these films starred Christopher Lee as the blood-crazed aristo with the neurotic-looking Peter Cushing as his nemesis, Doctor Van Helsing.’
    • ‘Why are the cream of Britain's aristos heading to Argentina in search of polo?’
    • ‘The eldest of six sisters, Nancy was born into a family of cash-strapped aristos in 1904.’
    • ‘I told the aristo it had been nice knowing him (he didn't look as panicked as he did when his dinner plate was nearly empty), got the next train to London and went to the Candy Bar.’
    • ‘Compiled largely by go-getting 17 th-century Lothian-based aristo Lady Jean Campbell, the Panmure Collection was rediscovered in the 1930s, replete with rare examples of English, French and Scottish works.’