Definition of Arctic fox in US English:

Arctic fox


  • A fox with a thick coat that turns white in winter, found on the tundra of North America and Eurasia.

    Alopex lagopus, family Canidae

    • ‘Musk ox, Arctic fox, whales in the bay, reindeer on the horizon… Greenland is a wonderful world of natural history but the animals do keep their distance.’
    • ‘The primary predators of eggs and goslings at the study site are herring gulls, parasitic jaegers, ravens and Arctic foxes.’
    • ‘Researchers are also studying Arctic foxes, lemmings, snowy owls and vegetation.’
    • ‘A late spring may also be to blame either because the start of nesting is delayed by snow cover or because Arctic foxes have been able to reach breeding islands across late ice.’
    • ‘A hundred other wildlife species, from polar bears to Arctic foxes, also rely on this unique wild jewel.’
    • ‘Plenty of animals - weasel, hare, ptarmigan, Arctic fox - turn white when winter comes.’
    • ‘Remarkably, Weddell seals manage to thrive year-round on and under the sea ice, without shivering and without the long, thick fur characteristic of cold-adapted terrestrial mammals such as Arctic foxes and musk oxen.’
    • ‘It is home to the polar bear, musk ox, Arctic fox, grizzly bear, caribou and hundreds of bird species including the golden eagle, while spotted seals and bowhead and beluga whales swim its coast.’
    • ‘Whales, seabirds and wildflowers are the biggest attractions, but grey and common seals, Arctic foxes, reindeer (imported from Norway in the late eighteenth century) and a variety of other species add to the appeal.’
    • ‘Some young hares, however, are taken by Gyrfalcons, Snowy Owls, Arctic foxes, and ermines.’
    • ‘But when the blizzards wail the Arctic fox curls its tail over its frosty nose and sleeps in the snows.’
    • ‘No turnstone nests were found in 1999, apparently because of very high predation pressure from Arctic foxes.’
    • ‘In Wapusk you could see an Arctic fox and a red fox, a ptarmigan and a spruce grouse, a caribou and a wolf, a polar bear and even the odd grizzly - all in one day.’
    • ‘Crested Auklet populations are declining due to predation at nesting sites by introduced predators such as Arctic foxes, red foxes, and rats.’
    • ‘From the ground, Arctic foxes, ground squirrels, and people are a persistent threat.’


Arctic fox

/ˈärktik fäks/