Definition of architecture in English:



  • 1The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.

    • ‘The steep, rocky hills and narrow coastline have influenced architecture and urban planning in Monaco.’
    • ‘It stood out from all other houses because of its fine attention to detail in its designer architecture.’
    • ‘This panel has experts in town planning and architecture, and lawmakers.’
    • ‘She had no formal training in city planning or architecture, or even a college degree.’
    • ‘Leon Battista Alberti wrote that architecture had nothing to do with construction.’
    • ‘It has terrific links to all sorts of things from architects and architecture to straw bale construction.’
    • ‘Also, my education is in architecture, not urban planning etc, so some guidance in this realm is desired…’
    • ‘He has interests in urban planning, architecture and sustainability.’
    • ‘The award recognizes his collective works and his influence on the theory and practice of architecture.’
    • ‘His is an architecture of place, architecture that responds to the landscape and to the climate.’
    • ‘Tom Low practices architecture and town planning in the Carolinas.’
    • ‘The Greeks invented the science of geometry with practical applications in architecture in mind.’
    • ‘By then his creativity had expanded to incorporate architecture and town planning.’
    • ‘West Berlin became a forcing house for new ideas about urban architecture and planning.’
    • ‘They reinforce the importance of urban planning and civic architecture and the need to bring them to the public realm.’
    • ‘A natural question comes up in the conversation: How closely are architecture and town planning related?’
    • ‘The primacy of maximum rentable square footage over city planning and architecture is not unique to this city.’
    • ‘Alberti's early architectural career is a good example of the gulf between the theory and practice of Renaissance architecture.’
    • ‘The slowdown in building has coincided with the first steps to conserve traditional architecture.’
    • ‘It fosters high standards of planning and architecture in towns and cities.’
    building design, planning, building, construction
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    1. 1.1 The style in which a building is designed and constructed, especially with regard to a specific period, place, or culture.
      ‘Victorian architecture’
      • ‘One thing is clear that this mosque is an early model of Indo-Islamic style of architecture.’
      • ‘Why won't builders take the chance and build a house with stylish, modern architecture?’
      • ‘It had many styles of architecture, from ancient Egypt to Renaissance.’
      • ‘Making an addition to it was clearly one of the most worrisome tasks in modern architecture.’
      • ‘Could the appalling 60s architecture of the town centre College really be adapted to become a hotel that visitors would want to stay in?’
      • ‘The older sections of the city have a heavy baroque style whether for architecture, streets or epic park areas.’
      • ‘The architecture reflects the culture, lifestyle and historical development of the city, the professor said.’
      • ‘This influence is seen in the rapid spread of the Gothic style of architecture in northern Spain, and in the introduction of Gregorian chant.’
      • ‘The buildings resemble the architecture and facade style of an old west town.’
      • ‘Here is a suburb where it has been deemed that modern architecture has no right to exist.’
      • ‘The Padmanabha Swamy temple is referred to as the best specimen of the Dravidian style of architecture found all over the State.’
      • ‘This building is a fine example of the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, a British Imperial hybrid.’
      • ‘The north concourse, believed to have the only original 1930s architecture of its kind in the country, was to be reopened.’
      • ‘A national modernism combined elements of folk architecture with new European styles.’
      • ‘The other distinctive style of architecture is known as Manueline, after King Manuel I.’
      • ‘This was reflected in designs for a new style of architecture using lightweight materials and curved structures.’
      • ‘The outside is Tudor style architecture in contrast to the ornamented Maori art inside.’
      • ‘The city has been the crucible of modern urban architecture for two decades.’
      • ‘The art deco movement became a dominant style in art, architecture and design during the 1920s and '30s.’
      • ‘Haring was also important in the politics of Modern architecture in Germany.’
      • ‘Modern architecture arrived as a result of an industrialization of production.’
      • ‘The style of architecture is very clearly Tudor as is characterised by the flat arches and the shape of the roofs of the two towers.’
      building style, design, structure, construction, framework
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  • 2The complex or carefully designed structure of something.

    ‘the chemical architecture of the human brain’
    • ‘Today the basic front suspension architecture of a 2006 Mondeo is identical to that of a 1951 Consul.’
    • ‘The critical factor was the decentralized architecture of the Grokster and Morpheus software.’
    • ‘The architecture of the human body is obviously wondrous but not infallible.’
    • ‘In short, what is the chemical architecture of the brain and the mind that emerges from it?’
    • ‘Few presidents get to work on the very architecture of society and state.’
    • ‘They are, or were, joists in the information architecture of towns and cities.’
    • ‘Our results add complexity to the genetic architecture of the foraging behavior of the honey bee.’
    • ‘Based on the same architecture of the Focus C-Max, it has sliding rear doors.’
    • ‘The architecture of entertainment has been shaped by the idea of immersion.’
    • ‘This paper provides the first exhaustive data set on the brittle structural architecture of the Lanterman Fault.’
    • ‘Architectural analysis provides access to the global architecture of a plant and its spatiotemporal development.’
    • ‘Unfortunately the genetic architecture of quantitative traits is complex.’
    • ‘This disparity creates an interesting dichotomy within the complex architecture of the album.’
    • ‘The problem was rendered still more refractory by the fact that they usually had little idea of the true architecture of the molecule they wanted to make.’
    • ‘It was during this time that he became interested in the architecture of complex proteins called enzymes.’
    • ‘To complete the picture researchers have been making efforts to reconstruct the architecture of complex tissues.’
    1. 2.1 The conceptual structure and logical organization of a computer or computer-based system.
      ‘a client/server architecture’
      • ‘Process management in Linux relies greatly on the hardware architecture.’
      • ‘In other words, operating systems based on this architecture have much smaller kernels.’
      • ‘Both specifications are part of an existing Web services architecture laid out by Microsoft.’
      • ‘Yes, the development of the graphics subsystem architecture is also going very fast.’
      • ‘The libraries then take care of the details of mapping it to the super computer architecture.’
      • ‘Sun, traditionally a company that revolved around hardware, is now turning in earnest to architecture and software, he said.’
      • ‘The database architecture is based on dataset components linked to data sources via provider and resolver interfaces.’
      • ‘The obvious query is how far a shared memory architecture will affect the performance.’
      • ‘The bus architecture will enable different components on the same ‘system on a chip’ to work together.’
      • ‘Data classification involves the mapping of data to a logical and physical architecture.’
      • ‘There is a paradigm shift between open systems and mainframe architecture.’
      • ‘Von Neumann architecture required that a computer do one thing, then the next, and on through the program.’
      • ‘It can only be done if we build a fully distributed architecture.’
      • ‘The open system architecture ensures that the systems can be upgraded and extended.’
      • ‘A combination of hardware and software architecture will enable this functionality.’
      • ‘He said the computer networking architecture at the heart of the system needed more time for development.’
      • ‘However, later in his career he also became interested in computer architecture.’
      • ‘To effect these changes, new research in supercomputing architecture is also needed.’
      • ‘The system architecture is readily scalable to the largest enterprise network environments.’
      • ‘The new Unix boxes and Fujitsu mainframe systems are to incorporate the same architecture, the company says.’
      structure, construction, form, formation, shape, composition, organization, layout, design, build, anatomy, make-up, constitution
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Mid 16th century: from Latin architectura, from architectus (see architect).