Definition of architect in US English:



  • 1A person who designs buildings and in many cases also supervises their construction.

    • ‘To the immediate south was a more handsome Victorian building constructed by architects John Lessels and John Patterson in 1873 to replace an earlier structure.’
    • ‘Both of the schemes were designed by council architects under the supervision of County Architect Deirdre Sullivan.’
    • ‘The extent to which architects shepherd construction has shifted over the years.’
    • ‘This would result in its demolition and replacement by a new building designed by the architect James Sterling.’
    • ‘I actually emailed the architects who designed the building, just before I found this site.’
    • ‘The Ronchamp chapel was the first of three religious buildings designed by the architect.’
    • ‘Its architects designed buildings that defied gravity.’
    • ‘A council spokeswoman later confirmed that the authority had now put out tenders for landscape design architects, building architects and quantity surveyors.’
    • ‘The jury was impressed by the partnership between the architects and the building contractor.’
    • ‘The facade of a building represents the architect's signature, but it is also a source of light and a thermal barrier.’
    • ‘At that point in his career, the young architect had no experience designing such large buildings.’
    • ‘For inexperienced architects joining a team designing a tall building, this book is a must.’
    • ‘Freire and Lopes, who had experience of working with old buildings were appointed as architects.’
    • ‘As architects continue to design buildings with large amounts of glass, the problems of keeping it clean become paramount.’
    • ‘However, for large inspections, the contractors would, I think, normally wish to use the architect who designed the building.’
    • ‘Rovaniemi is a planned city, designed by architect Alvar Aalto and shaped like a reindeer horn.’
    • ‘Thus, it was intended to blend with the interior decorative painting, which was supervised by the architect William Kent.’
    • ‘According to the architect, the building consumes half the energy of a traditional office building.’
    • ‘So the historian has as relevant a role in the process of urban design as the architect, planner and politician.’
    • ‘Through no fault of the architects, the building will need major maintenance in a few years' time.’
    designer, planner, builder, building consultant, draughtsman
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    1. 1.1 A person who is responsible for inventing or realizing a particular idea or project.
      ‘a chief architect of the plan to slash income taxes’
      • ‘It is hoped that the architects of the master plan were aware of this fact when it was developed.’
      • ‘He was one of the chief architects and creators of the ‘beautiful game’.’
      • ‘The chief architect of this project is the President, with whom Dr. Nair has associated.’
      • ‘He's one of the chief architects of the drug plan for seniors that people talked so much about in the closing days of last year.’
      • ‘I am not only a follower, but I could say that I am the architect of this idea with concrete mechanisms and stages for its achievement.’
      • ‘Of course, it didn't help that the chief architect of the plan had gone and its chief opponent was now in command.’
      originator, author, creator, instigator, founder, father, mother, founding father, prime mover
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[with object]usually be architected
  • Design and make.

    ‘few software packages were architected with Ethernet access in mind’
    • ‘Open source applications are most often architected for the highest level of flexibility through community development.’
    • ‘Client/server computing models are giving way to more flexible, Web-based architectures providing the required combination of feature-rich applications and Internet architected infrastructures.’
    • ‘Televaulting is a new backup paradigm architected specifically for geographically dispersed environments.’
    • ‘Fibre Channel was designed and architected to communicate directly at extremely high speeds.’
    • ‘In response to congestion, the Fibre Channel protocol uses a very carefully architected system of fabric device communications and credit-based transmissions in order to ensure network stability and traffic integrity.’
    • ‘As the Web matures and we get better at architecting, designing and building it, our clients and stakeholders will begin to have a better understanding of what goes into a successful Web project.’
    • ‘To effectively solve the most challenging problems requires that supercomputers be architected differently than standard PCs and servers.’


Mid 16th century: from French architecte, from Italian architetto, via Latin from Greek arkhitektōn, from arkhi- ‘chief’ + tektōn ‘builder’.