Definition of archaizing in US English:


(British archaising)


  • Consciously imitating a word or a style of language or art that is very old or old-fashioned.

    ‘some archaizing poetry’
    • ‘For all its archaizing grotesqueness, or partly because of that, it was the only translation of many of Nietzsche's works for almost fifty years.’
    • ‘That lyricism - even romanticism - reassert themselves in Writing to Vermeer might be deduced from the prevalence of markings like ‘tranquillo’ and ‘dolce’ in the score, and the archaising modal purity of the opening.’
    • ‘Others, such as the sculptor Arturo Martini, and Massimo Campigli, created a more archaizing style, drawing inspiration from ancient myth and Etruscan art.’
    • ‘Based initially on archaizing and backward-looking models taken from medieval literature and the Gaelic Order, new identities were proposed for an Irish Ireland by the Revival.’
    • ‘He embodied the guiding myths of the regime - the Fascist Revolution, the omnipotence of the Duce, and the corporate state - in an archaizing, expressionist style.’