Definition of arbovirus in US English:



  • Any of a group of viruses that are transmitted by mosquitoes, ticks, or other arthropods. They include encephalitis, dengue, and yellow fever.

    • ‘With many of the arboviruses, such as Ross River fever, symptoms may be mild - sometimes people who are infected never develop symptoms - but they can equally develop into something serious.’
    • ‘West Nile is one of about 30 arboviruses of public health concern that are transmitted by female mosquitoes, which are the only ones that bite.’
    • ‘It was soon shown to be transmitted between vertebrate hosts (especially birds) by mosquitoes, thus conforming to the ecological description ‘arthropod-borne virus’ or arbovirus.’
    • ‘Mosquito cell lines have been used mainly in the isolation of arboviruses.’
    • ‘Singh also observed that with the exception of Colarado tick fever and Ganjam viruses, those arboviruses that are naturally transmitted by mosquitoes or infect mosquitoes experimentally, multiplied in one or both of his cell lines.’


1950s: from ar(thropod)-bo(rne) + virus.