Definition of arborist in US English:



  • A tree surgeon.

    • ‘I would photograph the growths and have an arborist or nurseryman positively identify the growth.’
    • ‘He may be concerned as an arborist / tree surgeon with trees which form no part of a forest and do not qualify as growing timber.’
    • ‘Landscapers and city arborists consider this female byproduct to be ‘litter, ‘and they don't like to see it lying on our sidewalks.’
    • ‘The majority of tree problems most arborists see are a result of poor cultural practices, and construction damage leads the list in most areas of the country.’
    • ‘The trees were not trimmed by qualified arborists but by a landscaping outfit armed with chain saws.’
    • ‘Bob Rouse, staff arborist with the National Arborist Association in New Hampshire, suggests that you mount your tire swing with an eyebolt rather than wrap rope around the tree's limb.’
    • ‘When planning to prune trees, consult with a professional arborist.’
    • ‘This dilemma - how to save the bats and also protect the gardens - has conservationists and arborists searching for solutions.’
    • ‘Mr Edwards, who is disabled and so can't help with the digging and preparation for the planting, instead uses his skills as a tree surgeon and arborist, to plan the planting.’
    • ‘Working closely with both organizations, we additionally solicited the volunteer support of a number of arborists, foresters, landscape architects, and other professionals in the field of forestry.’
    • ‘Phelan, one of many passionate arborists dwelling in Silicon Valley, collected and husbanded numerous California flora and fauna on his favorite estate.’
    • ‘So we talked with arborists and horticulturists to learn about the pros and cons of fast-growing trees for each region in the West.’
    • ‘An interesting conclusion now being drawn by arborists is that the tap root actually disappears as the tree matures in its 20s and 30s.’
    • ‘Two full time arborists are supported by a group of volunteers.’
    • ‘This is often too big a job to take on by yourself (without damaging other plants or yourself) and I would recommend hiring a professional arborist.’
    • ‘You might consult with an arborist to determine whether installation of a root barrier, root pruning or even removal of a tree would be helpful.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, arborists are giving special treatments to the National Champion American hack-berry near Mason City, Illinois.’
    • ‘John Keslick, an arborist from Pennsylvania says that you can save a sprout to grow into a new tree in the same spot.’
    • ‘If you hire an arborist, make sure he or she follows these same disinfection precautions.’
    • ‘If you have to go to court, because of the high value an ornamental tree can have, make sure you have a good lawyer and a good arborist.’