Definition of aralia in US English:



  • A plant of a diverse group of trees and shrubs of the ginseng family, native to America and Asia. Several kinds are cultivated for their foliage and profusion of tiny flowers, and some are used in herbal medicine.

    Genus Aralia, family Araliaceae: several species, including the bristly sarsaparilla (A. hispida)

    • ‘Large patches of the non-native Aralia elata were observed, and discussion followed concerning the importance of the inflorescence in determining species of woody aralias.’
    • ‘I've seen false aralia before,’ Micah replied.’
    • ‘She starts by anchoring the arrangement with a single plant that can live year to year and look attractive in every season-a weeping blue Atlas cedar, Japanese aralia, or sago palm, for instance.’
    • ‘Use a food-safe leaf, such as this Japanese aralia, for a small salad plate, or just for decoration.’
    • ‘My neighbor has a plant that has leaves like aralia but gets flowers like a hibiscus.’


Modern Latin, of unknown origin.