Definition of Arabian camel in US English:

Arabian camel


  • The domesticated one-humped camel, probably native to the deserts of North Africa and southwestern Asia.

    Camelus dromedarius, family Camelidae

    See also dromedary
    • ‘Those 13, (and let me see if I can remember them), those 13 valuable wild mammals were the cow, sheep, goat, horse, pig, the reindeer, donkey, Arabian camel, Asian camel, water buffalo, yak, gaur and Bali cattle.’
    • ‘‘And I'm sure we'll find the perfect Arabian camel for you, Jon,’ Julie retorted.’
    • ‘The one-humped Arabian camel, C. dromedarius, is also known as the dromedary.’
    • ‘The camel species that lives today in the Middle East and North Africa is the Arabian camel, which is thought to have been domesticated thousands of years ago.’