Definition of aqueous humor in US English:

aqueous humor


  • The clear fluid filling the space in the front of the eyeball between the lens and the cornea.

    Compare with vitreous humor
    • ‘The serous fluid content of the anterior chamber is called the aqueous humor, and the thicker, viscous fluid within the posterior chamber is the vitreous humor.’
    • ‘We know that when eyes are shut, oxygen can reach the cornea from the iris solely by way of the stagnant aqueous humor.’
    • ‘The iris is an internal organ of the eye that is located behind the cornea and the aqueous humor.’
    • ‘Therefore, it has no blood vessels and instead is nourished by tears, environmental oxygen, and the aqueous humor of the anterior chamber.’
    • ‘A clear fluid called aqueous humor produced inside the eye has to flow out of the eye through the angle.’
    • ‘The cornea and aqueous humor absorb a high percentage of the UVA and UVB incident upon the eye surface.’
    • ‘Immediately behind the cornea is the anterior chamber, filled with fluid called aqueous humour.’
    • ‘The anterior chamber is located behind the cornea and in front of the iris and is filled with approximately 0.2 mL of aqueous humor.’
    • ‘Lasers can be used to burn the circular ciliary body that produces the aqueous humour.’
    • ‘Nourishment for your cornea comes from your tears and the aqueous humor - the clear fluid that fills the space between your iris and cornea.’
    • ‘Light that has been focused through the cornea and aqueous humor hits the lens, which then focuses it further, sending the light rays through the vitreous humor and onto the retina.’
    • ‘The surgery is described as the placement of a small tube or valve in the eye that regulates the buildup of aqueous humor within the eye.’
    • ‘Significant increases in vitamin C in lens, aqueous humor, and plasma were noted.’
    • ‘Pilocarpine drops may be used to constrict the pupil and re-establish circulation of aqueous humor.’
    • ‘Because of its porous nature, large molecules are able to diffuse into the canal and, although it is a vein, it carries aqueous humor, not blood.’
    • ‘It burns the ciliary body, reduces production of the aqueous humour, and can reduce intraocular pressures even in refractory disease.’
    • ‘This makes it easier for the aqueous humour to flow out of the eye and reduces pressure, preventing further damage.’
    • ‘The dioptric system includes the cornea, the lens, the aqueous humor within the anterior eye chamber, and the vitreous body.’
    • ‘Evaluation of selenium levels in humans has found lower than normal levels in sera and aqueous humor in cataract patients.’
    • ‘The eyeball is filled with a watery fluid called aqueous humour, which creates pressure and helps maintain the shape of the eyeball.’