Definition of aqueous in US English:



  • 1Of or containing water, typically as a solvent or medium.

    ‘an aqueous solution of potassium permanganate’
    • ‘Unbuffered aqueous solutions are easily rendered slightly acidic by dissolved carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘Electrons flowing through a wire or ions flowing through an aqueous solution are both examples of electric current.’
    • ‘The hypophase was removed with a Pasteur pipette and the aqueous phase re-extracted with chloroform until it was colourless.’
    • ‘Since they are unstable in water, aqueous solutions were prepared immediately before treatment.’
    • ‘This method relies on the ability of gas bubbles, which are rising through an aqueous solution, to trap certain minerals.’
    • ‘In aqueous solutions, water is the solvent and all dissolved substances are solutes.’
    • ‘All other reagents were of analytical grade and aqueous solutions were made up with distilled water.’
    • ‘In summary, the sample was denatured with aqueous ammonium sulfate and ethanol and was extracted with hexane.’
    • ‘Such a location is compatible with the ready diffusion of ethylene in both aqueous and lipid environments.’
    • ‘This is carried out using an aqueous solution of hydrogen iodide reacting in the presence of red phosphorus.’
    • ‘The electrodes are immersed in aqueous sulfuric acid, which acts as the electrolyte.’
    • ‘In this process the ether is shaken with an organic solute in aqueous solution.’
    • ‘The heat of solution for formation of aqueous solutions of most salts is positive.’
    • ‘We advise the use of aqueous solutions (not alcohol based preparations) to avoid skin irritation and wheeze.’
    • ‘It consists of isopropyl alcohol in aqueous solution at two different dilutions.’
    • ‘Membranes were formed on the orifice by sequentially raising the level of the aqueous electrolyte solutions.’
    • ‘The flue gas is passed through an aqueous limestone slurry containing formic acid.’
    • ‘At York, the timbers were immersed for two years in tanks of aqueous polyethylene glycol, a water-soluble wax used to replace the water in the wood.’
    • ‘Latex emulsions are made up of polymeric materials suspended in an aqueous solvent by a surfactant.’
    • ‘I primarily work in water solutions; what you might call the aqueous phase.’
    1. 1.1 Like water; watery.
      ‘a great hall of aqueous marble’
      • ‘The rhythmically spaced silver-brown slabs of gel evoke fish scales, while the surface bubbles reinforce the aqueous appearance.’
      • ‘After two dogged weeks I've finally given up, switching to much lighter aqueous cream instead.’
      • ‘Its distinctly aqueous appearance makes it a particularly natural way to accent a vanity.’
      • ‘The effect is to dissolve his body in an aqueous medium of time and light.’
      • ‘Although the invention has been more particularly described with reference to cakes or sticks, it goes without saying that it is also applicable to any other solid form employed in cosmetics, such as for example, pencils having an aqueous appearance.’
      liquid, fluid, liquefied
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Mid 17th century: from medieval Latin aqueus, from Latin aqua ‘water’.