Definition of aqueduct in US English:



  • 1An artificial channel for conveying water, typically in the form of a bridge across a valley or other gap.

    • ‘He built aqueducts to supply the city with water.’
    • ‘Water is delivered here by an aqueduct that cuts through 242 miles of desert.’
    • ‘Red sky creeps over the aqueduct, making the water look dark.’
    • ‘Yonkers, on the other hand, began work in September 1873 on its own aqueduct that would deliver water from the Sprain Brook.’
    • ‘By all accounts it was magnificent settlement supplied with plentiful water from aqueducts powered by windmills.’
    • ‘Finally we visited part of the Roman aqueduct that brought water from the mountains into the city.’
    • ‘The next bridge may look like just an ordinary footbridge but it's also a covered aqueduct, transporting the waters of the ancient River Tyburn across the canal.’
    • ‘In California the delta island levees in the Sacramento river area are breached, disrupting the aqueduct system transporting water from north to south.’
    • ‘You see, this young engineer Attilus builds a great aqueduct to bring water from the slopes of Vesuvius sixty miles to Pompeii and other towns on the Bay of Naples.’
    • ‘Even today, residents of desert outposts like Khotan and Korla live as they have for centuries, funneling precious water in ancient aqueducts to fields bursting with grapes and apricots.’
    • ‘One of these bridges is also a live aqueduct that supplies irrigation water to fields in surrounding areas.’
    • ‘The water in the aqueducts is under pressure and we obviously have to make sure that our work doesn't disrupt the pipes or the water supply in any way.’
    • ‘The Los Angeles water project carries water 300 miles through a system of aqueducts and siphons.’
    • ‘Elaborate systems of aqueducts and ditches brought water from dammed springs to planted terraces, demonstrating engineering and building skills as well as planning and organizing abilities.’
    • ‘It seems likely, judging from the sediments in the water channels, that the aqueduct went on supplying water to Nîmes until the early medieval period.’
    • ‘Additional aqueducts have been built, but water is still scarce in some areas of the city.’
    • ‘The same technique was employed in Egypt, with the collected water stored underground in aqueducts.’
    • ‘Los Angeles still draws half of its water from the aqueduct.’
    • ‘The Romans excelled in those things which the Greeks took little interest in such as the building of roads, aqueducts and sewers.’
    • ‘This led to chronic legal conflict, particularly when small communities used water from aqueducts that served Philadelphia, Boston, or New York City.’
    conduit, race, channel, watercourse, waterway, sluice, sluiceway, spillway
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    1. 1.1Anatomy A small canal containing fluid.
      • ‘From the lateral ventricles CSF drains into the central third ventricle, and thence through the aqueduct in the midbrain into the fourth ventricle.’
      • ‘The tumor measured 64 x 35 x 27 mm and extended from the aqueduct to the Cl level of the spinal cord.’
      • ‘While at Queen Square he wrote an MD thesis on the radiology of the aqueduct and fourth ventricle.’
      • ‘The root fibers arising from the trochlear nuclei form a decussation dorsal to the mesencephalic aqueduct, and they are the only cranial nerves that cross completely and that leave the dorsal aspect of the brain stem.’


Mid 16th century: from obsolete French (now aqueduc), from Latin aquae ductus ‘conduit’, from aqua ‘water’ + ducere ‘to lead’.