Definition of Apterygota in US English:


plural noun

  • A group of insects that includes the bristletails and springtails. They have a primitive body form that lacks wings and typically have no distinct larval stage.

    Subclass Apterygota, class Insecta (or Hexapoda): several orders, some of which are sometimes not included with the Insecta

    Compare with Pterygota
    • ‘The three groups of immediate interest are sometimes collectively called the ‘Apterygota,’ the wingless insects.’
    • ‘The whole class Insecta is divided into two subclasses: the Apterygota, wingless insects; and the Pterygota, including the great bulk of insects, most of which have wings in the imago form.’
    • ‘So the seminar not only staged the latest scientific presentations on Apterygota but also offered the opportunity to collect some of the typically Dutch Collembola from the wild.’
    • ‘The sub class Apterygota is divided into two orders, the microcoryphia known as dragonflies, damselflies and the zygentoma known as silverfish, fibre brats.’
    • ‘In contrast to the Endopterygota, little is known about the arrangements of genes in many other lineages of insects, such as the Apterygota, the Palaeoptera, the hemipteroid assemblage, etc.’


Modern Latin Apterygota, from Greek a- ‘not’ + pterugōtos ‘winged’.