Definition of April Fool's Day in US English:

April Fool's Day

(also April Fools' Day)


  • April 1, in many Western countries traditionally an occasion for playing tricks. This custom has been observed for hundreds of years, but its origin is unknown.

    Also called All Fools' Day
    • ‘It seems the whole tradition of the scare has fallen to the wayside, simply swept under the rug and ignored only to rear its amusing and frightful head on occasions like Halloween and the odd April Fool's Day.’
    • ‘We took her in, and two days later, on April Fool's Day, she gave birth to two kittens, and died shortly thereafter.’
    • ‘My favourite feature was the one in which a number of ‘celebrities’ disclosed the best April Fools' Day pranks they'd ever pulled.’
    • ‘On April Fool's Day 1997, dozens of people went out on skulling missions, hitting hundreds of billboards on busy Toronto streets.’
    • ‘Oh, I nearly forgot, it's April Fools' Day tomorrow.’
    • ‘Well, there's a chance to regain that carefree youth, an opportunity to go bonkers with wit… there is April Fools' Day.’
    • ‘Whenever April Fool's Day comes around, my mental antennae tend to go on special alert.’
    • ‘It was a sunny April Fool's Day, but the joke was on the skiers who weren't there.’
    • ‘But it also has been fun - none more, I realise, than in the days when I was the one who played the April Fool's Day pranks in the paper.’
    • ‘All hoodwinking hounds will truly appreciate the urban myths and theories abounding regarding the origin of April Fool's Day.’
    • ‘The first fish appears on April Fool's Day, a day of practical jokes on which people are sent on fool's errands.’
    • ‘In March - a few days before April Fool's Day, critics of the ban noted - Ireland became the first country in the world to ban smoking.’
    • ‘Shaking his head in a mournful manner, he added, ‘There is nothing worse than a wasted April Fool's Day.’’
    • ‘She was too busy thinking of the fact that that day was April Fool's Day.’
    • ‘Richard, 26, and Tracy are expecting their first child together on April Fools' Day.’
    • ‘It is, after all, April Fools' Day, and we've been together for three months.’
    • ‘Is someone getting a headstart on April Fools' Day?’
    • ‘Unfortunately, I'm sure Tuesday will also illustrate how April Fool's Day can bring out the nasty side of some people's humour, providing them with an official day on which to ridicule colleagues and friends.’
    • ‘Sadly this series only lasted a day, April Fool's Day, and the website has since removed the link including the photographs and previews.’
    • ‘The announcement, made on April Fools' Day, was the latest twist to long months of speculation and uncertainty, statements and denials, about the future shape and leadership of the party.’


April Fool's Day

/ˈˌāprəl ˈfo͞olz ˌdā/