Definition of approximative in US English:



  • (of a method, description, etc.) giving only an approximation to something.

    ‘a crudely approximative outline’
    • ‘The heat due to charging-discharging cycles and the movement and accumulation of ions to the electrodes causes a mechanical alteration in volume (expansion + contraction) for an approximative value of 7-9% of the total volume.’
    • ‘It is a general feature of physical models that a good but approximative description of a phenomenon can be achieved with a less detailed model than a reconstruction or simulation of the same phenomenon.’
    • ‘The approximative production sometimes lets this album down slightly, yet it also gives it an interesting unfinished feel and fragility.’
    • ‘All tracks are named from derived Finnish words, but the pair offers for most an approximative English translation, as to entice the listener to enter their universe.’
    • ‘It can be used as an approximative measure of support for one or the other model and, therefore, allows estimating the evidence in favor of one or the other hypothesis.’