Definition of approval in US English:



  • 1The action of approving something.

    ‘the road plans have been given approval’
    ‘they have delayed the launch to await project approvals’
    • ‘However, developers must contact the company and gain its approval about what they wish to code.’
    • ‘The development of the remaining seven acres will commence as soon as planning approvals are received.’
    • ‘Most companies do this after gaining approval from their shareholders at an annual meeting.’
    • ‘He added that all the relevant approvals for the project are in order right down to the environmental impact assessment.’
    • ‘These relate to standards of claims handling and securing approval from the Authority.’
    • ‘They are also awaiting payments and approvals under various schemes.’
    • ‘The couple may present the terms of their agreement to the court for its approval.’
    • ‘The council will now need approval from them to enter into a five-year management agreement.’
    • ‘The plans and business case are being sent to the regional health authority for approval.’
    • ‘Loan approvals may be granted within 30 minutes of submitting an application.’
    • ‘The Minister should endeavour to allow farmers proceed with work on the basis of approvals under the current scheme.’
    • ‘The sharp drop in foreign investment approvals came as no surprise to most economists, who had warned of such a downturn.’
    • ‘New mortgage approvals for house purchases are still soaring.’
    • ‘Even without the new laws, the process of visa approvals and background checks is far from simple.’
    • ‘Others can't wait for the next round of approvals and developed alternatives to find workers.’
    • ‘The transaction is expected to close within two to three months, pending court and government approvals.’
    • ‘Detailed schemes for each area are still being drawn up and the first wave of project approvals are expected by the end of the year.’
    • ‘When it is a case of majority assent or approval, issues arise as to the effect on the minority.’
    • ‘The liquidators consulted the liquidation committee and obtained its approval.’
    • ‘Last month, a group of councillors who do not love parking pads launched a strike that may lead to a moratorium on approvals.’
    acceptance, agreement, consent, assent, acquiescence, compliance, concurrence
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    1. 1.1 The belief that someone or something is good or acceptable.
      ‘step-parents need to win a child's approval’
      • ‘The decision to increase the discount has met with approval from the livestock sector.’
      • ‘Edward and his father nodded with approval at me, then I was told to give some money.’
      • ‘As I say, it was cited with approval in one of the cases which I referred to a moment ago.’
      • ‘Always craving affection and approval, she had many protector figures in her life.’
      • ‘He believes the drive for approval motivates both spheres of life for ambitious men.’
      • ‘I probably said something very good because he gave me a secret pat on my back with approval.’
      • ‘It is a surprise to find you quoting him with approval so early in the book.’
      • ‘Neither suggestion met with approval so I repaired to the kitchen to make coffee.’
      • ‘This initiative has no doubt been met with approval by many involved in education.’
      • ‘There can be no greater validation for a movie, than receiving a nod of approval from the man who inspired it.’
      • ‘The idea met with approval from religious as well as tourist and cultural groups.’
      • ‘I would hope that the west London lines would meet with approval and link up to Heathrow and Gatwick.’
      • ‘A gift more precious than any other, he had given her his love and approval.’
      • ‘If she were only his sister, I would say she was giving us permission and approval to court.’
      • ‘Every one of them is constantly invaded in the public interest with universal approval.’
      approbation, appreciation, favour, liking, encouragement, support, acceptance
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  • on approval

    • (of goods) supplied on condition that they may be returned if not satisfactory.

      • ‘He added that services like discounts, selection, art on approval, flaming, installation, commissions and delivery can help, as well.’
      • ‘‘We have great relationships with our artists and they will send us work on approval to show clients,’ says the 27-year veteran of the art market.’
      • ‘As soon as the ministry gives its opinion, the project will be forwarded to the Cabinet, which on approval will submit it to Parliament.’
      • ‘I have it on approval and I'm trying to decide if it's The One, but I can't tell.’
      • ‘They have confidence that at your gallery they will be happily welcomed, you will be eager to show them your merchandise and quick to let you take art home on approval.’
      • ‘They can take what they bought to their home on approval for a week.’
      • ‘And designers want to take out the samples and artwork on approval so they can show them to their customers and see how they will look in the space.’
      • ‘We will rush a framing job when necessary to accommodate and will not add rush fees; we allow work to go out on approval and be returned if it does not work; and we offer free consultation services.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, he asks ‘for the article to be sent on approval, along with some other engravings and sketches which appeared in the same catalog’.’
      • ‘She immediately sent him three tree of life panels on approval, which he returned because ‘I don't think they really suit the style of my house.’’
      on trial, under probation
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  • seal (or stamp) of approval

    • An official statement or indication that something is accepted or regarded favorably.

      • ‘One way a Web site can show its compliance with recognized standards is to display a seal of approval from a validating agency.’
      • ‘They and the conservation lobby continue to hope that their efforts to preserve the city's heritage will soon get an official stamp of approval.’
      • ‘Is it more like a rubber stamp of approval for anything the vaccine makers want as a required vaccine?’
      • ‘His Cabinet today put its stamp of approval to the state support and land-lease agreements but not without some tinkering.’
      • ‘Over a million pages of documentation is required before any new drug can get the stamp of approval from world health authorities.’
      • ‘Thus, companies hire reputable accounting firms to put their stamp of approval on their financial statements.’
      • ‘It didn't get the official stamp of approval again until 1926, when the university senate and principal gave the procession a cautious thumbs-up.’
      • ‘The big news this week is that the planners have given the official stamp of approval for the new community facility in the fields opposite Marshallstown houses.’
      • ‘These involved checking replacement parts against blueprints, and ensuring that they were correctly fitted, giving them a rubber stamp of approval.’
      • ‘Rarely, if ever, however, will espionage receive the official seal of approval from a board of directors.’