Definition of appreciator in English:



  • See appreciate

    • ‘Trying to relate to an audience beyond the traditional middle-class appreciators of the arts and galvanise them into self-awareness was the unifying factor in a dramatically varied career.’
    • ‘It's the dawn of a ‘creative nation’ - a Britain which, like many other countries around the globe, makes use of the new tools to actively participate in media, a nation of recasters and reworkers, folk artists and appreciators of folk art.’
    • ‘At the other end of the scale is the viewer who, as an appreciator, holds valence of correspondence through which the ideological aesthetics translates according to his experiences.’
    • ‘So I'm not a great appreciator, a great connoisseur, of Danish cinema.’
    • ‘They are highly artisanal and diverse, obtainable in many markets, and they tweak the minds and palates of not only beer drinkers, but appreciators of wine and spirits - a positive crossover conversion for the beer industry.’