Definition of appreciation in US English:



  • 1Recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

    ‘I smiled in appreciation’
    ‘she shows a fine appreciation of obscure thinkers’
    • ‘Yet wine tends to bespeak a lifestyle of luxury and relaxation, of the enjoyment and appreciation of the creation of the vintner.’
    • ‘Plans call for a series of events in recognition and appreciation of the company's community, employees, retail partners and consumers around the world.’
    • ‘I do appreciate cultural artifacts, however, my appreciation includes a recognition of irony, and I mean irony in its strictest sense, not as a malapropism for sarcasm or smug insincerity.’
    • ‘The physical pleasures are available for money and many develop their appreciation to a fine art.’
    • ‘A sensitive, attentive audience greeted her performance with smiles of appreciation.’
    • ‘Adults smiled in appreciation as a five-year-old berated her nine-year-old brother for cycling without his safety helmet.’
    • ‘Their often rocky friendship is rooted in appreciation for forgotten pop icons that they realize the rest of the world just won't ‘get.’’
    • ‘This fast paced show is set to delight patrons in a town well known for its appreciation of quality productions.’
    • ‘It reduces wine appreciation and enjoyment to a purely technical interpretation.’
    • ‘Bob will be remembered by friends for his appreciation of fine single-malt scotch, his humble attitude toward himself and his dry sense of humor.’
    • ‘Purists, however, can choose from 20 different kinds of fine sipping tequilas, and owner Ramon is ready to guide you through the finer points of appreciation.’
    • ‘My reply at the time was that I was no longer entirely sure where irony ended, and where sincere enjoyment and appreciation of the event began.’
    • ‘I had many regular customers from much further afield, as well as the local catchment area, who expressed appreciation of the high quality, diversity and personal service of the independent shops.’
    • ‘Neither one had much appreciation for fine art, preferring museums of archeology, natural history and science.’
    • ‘France, more so Paris, is known for appreciation and patronisation of finer things of life.’
    • ‘My wife's head was pointed in the direction of the closest window to my left and I only smiled calmly with appreciation as the covers of her sheets climbed up her shoulders in a warmth embrace.’
    • ‘Leisure and relaxation are not laziness but rather an appreciation of taste and quality in life.’
    • ‘For me, the turgid pace and uneven writing muted any appreciation I might have of what it offers.’
    • ‘‘Come back, señorita,’ she chuckled, her smile one of appreciation rather than malevolence.’
    • ‘The deeper answer is that true enjoyment and appreciation of the wonders of this world is possible only when we have a profound awareness of the spiritual source of these wonders.’
    valuing, respect, prizing, cherishing, treasuring, admiration, regard, esteem, high opinion
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    1. 1.1 Gratitude.
      ‘they would be the first to show their appreciation’
      • ‘The sleevenotes on the album state that it is dedicated ‘with love and appreciation to our friends and families’.’
      • ‘It was a pleasure to present the awards last Friday and to see so many adults attend to show their appreciation and support for these champions of literature.’
      • ‘She said: ‘They work so hard all year round, we are just pleased to be able to show our appreciation.’’
      • ‘We all crave appreciation and recognition and will do almost anything to get it.’
      • ‘So rest assured that while we're eager to show our appreciation we would never publicize anyone's name without their explicit permission.’
      • ‘We ask you to show your appreciation by giving generously.’
      • ‘And I think it's part of all our responsibilities to give something back and to show our appreciation.’
      • ‘The public are welcome to come along and show their appreciation.’
      • ‘Show your appreciation with a handshake or even a letter.’
      • ‘Well, a present is a token of your love and appreciation for the person to whom you are giving it!’
      • ‘I encourage people of all ages to take the time on Sunday to attend a local memorial service to express your appreciation and gratitude to those who have and continue to serve our country.’
      • ‘The Irish public will show their appreciation today.’
      • ‘To all those who spent generously and encouraged others to do likewise, we want to express our appreciation and gratitude.’
      • ‘‘I am doing the walk to show my appreciation for the continual work done by local fundraisers,’ said Sarah.’
      • ‘The money in question is that given by grateful patients to show their appreciation when they leave hospital.’
      • ‘They just did you a huge favor, and you should show your appreciation.’
      • ‘As a result of the treatment he has received he has been determined to show his appreciation for the staff at Swindon's Great Western Hospital.’
      • ‘Parents, friends and public representatives all came together to show their appreciation for the wonderful efforts of all concerned.’
      • ‘It gave us the chance to show our appreciation to all the staff who contribute so much in time and effort in providing our local National Health Services.’
      • ‘But there must be some way I can show my appreciation.’
      gratitude, thanks, gratefulness, thankfulness, recognition, sense of obligation
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    2. 1.2 A piece of writing in which the qualities of a person or the person's work are discussed and assessed.
      • ‘‘Think of these articles as old fashioned appreciations,’ he writes, ‘a fan's notes, good talk.’’
      • ‘At that time his eldest daughter Maria promised to write an appreciation of her father and this she has kindly done as follows.’
      • ‘The third big block of articles is more serious: historical pieces and appreciations of various well-known and unsung comic book artists.’
      • ‘Another appreciation was written by him, for the American Symphony Orchestra's 1997 to 1998 season.’
      • ‘We do get a lot about his relationship with his parents, and there are pieces - generally written as book reviews, eulogies or appreciations - that touch on some professional colleagues.’
      • ‘The sessions will be enlivened by slide shows of over 200 masterpieces ‘with commentaries and appreciations of each work’.’
      • ‘A Middlesbrough fan with a nice line in gags, he has also written a cultural history of Belgium and an appreciation of country fairs in the north of England.’
      • ‘Coupled with these reactions is an appreciation of the artist's level of skill in both conceptualising such an object, but also his dedication in creating it.’
      • ‘What he loves most to dwell upon in his appreciations of other authors, and what readers love most to dwell with in his own writings, are those passages where the soul finds a repose in some kind of eternal present.’
      • ‘In 1984, a post-graduate student at Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha wrote a critical appreciation of this legendary work.’
      • ‘This publication itself has published more than twenty reviews and appreciations of her works dating back to 1952.’
      • ‘Artists should be nominated for an overall appreciation of their work to date, of which we should be shown the finest examples.’
      • ‘In 1932, she published an essay about Charlotte Brontë that remains one of the most eloquent appreciations ever written by one author about another.’
      • ‘What other county final could pluck a sitting head of government from its archives and get him to write an appreciation from the heart?’
      • ‘It combines numerous illustrations with a biography, an artistic appreciation and a complete catalogue of his works.’
      • ‘Occasional writings include several pieces he did for this magazine - mainly appreciations on the occasion of the deaths of fellow artists.’
      • ‘As such, their essays can be regarded more as insightful appreciations than scholarly criticism.’
      • ‘She corresponded passionately with Whitman (who occasionally replied), wrote appreciations of his work, and visited him in America in 1876-9.’
      • ‘Nearly all of the reviews are longer than the current appreciations.’
      • ‘In the 1670s he toyed with the idea of writing a poetic appreciation of the fountains there.’
      review, critique, criticism, critical analysis, commentary, write-up, notice
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    3. 1.3 Sensitive understanding of the aesthetic value of something.
      ‘courses in music appreciation’
      • ‘Just like you can't fully enjoy music without taking a course in music appreciation, so too you have to learn all about pleasures.’
      • ‘What's more, they're prime art collectors, coming from countries known for their fine craftsmanship and age-old appreciation of art.’
      • ‘This aesthetic appreciation extends to previous writers on the subject.’
      • ‘Such a perspective, admittedly more biblical than Greek, allows our aesthetic appreciation of nature to be transfigured less by nostalgia than by hope.’
      • ‘Secondly, you want somebody who has an understanding, an appreciation for ballet.’
      • ‘Early producers of Middle English texts did not deem the literature worthy of aesthetic appreciation.’
      • ‘Course offerings for non-music majors often are limited to music appreciation, large ensemble participation and group instruction for beginners.’
      • ‘Margaret's taste and appreciation for art were recognized by some of the great connoisseurs of the day, who presented her with the best pieces in their possession.’
      • ‘In this period, they occupied very much the center of aesthetic appreciation and social value.’
      • ‘This CD is for any occasion and the kind of music that anyone with a real appreciation for good music would enjoy.’
      • ‘But then I don't roam in the world of marching bands and am also not an American - both facts which mean nothing to an appreciation of the music.’
      • ‘The ability to compare and contrast performances is essential to an appreciation of any piece of music.’
      • ‘Instead, the modern wilderness ethic cultivated an aesthetic appreciation of wilderness.’
      • ‘Her list includes the universal human habit of aesthetic appreciation of nature, our superstition, and our sense of awe.’
      • ‘The book could be used as the primary text in a nonmajors' music appreciation course but works better as an individual tutorial.’
      • ‘By interpreting a painting or style using this simple, hands-on process, my students developed a greater appreciation for and understanding of art.’
      • ‘Cultivate an aesthetic appreciation for different styles of performance.’
      • ‘As mentioned, aesthetic appreciation and responsiveness to nature are, in their own right, desired outcomes of environmental education.’
      • ‘This article highlights some important and engaging pieces of case furniture so as to encourage further scholarly attention as well as aesthetic appreciation.’
      • ‘The truth is, I think, that a true appreciation of serious music is, always was, and always will be, the privilege of a small minority.’
  • 2A full understanding of a situation.

    ‘the bank's lack of appreciation of their problems’
    ‘they have an appreciation of the needs of users’
    • ‘She has outstanding retail flair and excellent all-round skills across design, buying and merchandising as well as a strong appreciation of technology, product quality and sourcing.’
    • ‘If people had an appreciation of all the facts of that economic relationship, they would see issues like migration and border security at a completely different light.’
    • ‘The same coaches, players and fans who rail against officials often lack an understanding and appreciation of not only the basics but also, as it were, the art of reffing.’
    • ‘It is my hope that the objects discussed and illustrated in this article will further an appreciation of and scholarly consideration of the products of neoclassical Rome.’
    • ‘They have no appreciation of quality or history.’
    • ‘But perhaps more significantly, never has a single event so affected people's appreciation of their freedom to fly from place to place unfettered.’
    • ‘One has to go to the valley to have correct appreciation of the situation, he added.’
    • ‘Your recognition and appreciation of your individual identity starts now.’
    • ‘What both those views demonstrate to me is an actual lack of understanding or appreciation about what this bill sets out to do.’
    • ‘A great deal of concentration is necessary for full appreciation but it is in this case merited.’
    • ‘Every chapter offers similar moments of illumination, moments that send the reader back to the text under discussion with a fresh appreciation for the whole.’
    • ‘For, more than anything else, it is international appreciation of their situation that is most needed now.’
    • ‘It was by no means a full appreciation of the situation, nor did I offer long-term solutions.’
    • ‘Putting materials to best use involves an appreciation of their innate sensory qualities as well as their technical potential.’
    • ‘The preferences have resulted in a general lack of understanding and appreciation for the concept of comprehensiveness.’
    • ‘As with all thought provoking and multi-layered films, multiple viewing may be required for full appreciation.’
    • ‘Gain full appreciation and understanding of the current approaches to valvular surgery - both aortic and mitral valve replacement.’
    • ‘These all depend on an outside body of knowledge for full (note that ‘full’) appreciation.’
    • ‘Students gain an appreciation for issues that impact on the patients' quality of life and the role of drug therapy in their disease management.’
    • ‘Full appreciation of its many other medical uses requires understanding of both historical usage as well as modern scientific studies.’
    acknowledgement, recognition, realization, knowledge
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  • 3Increase in monetary value.

    ‘the appreciation of the franc against the dollar’
    • ‘His marketing and management skills are focused on land value appreciation.’
    • ‘As already observed, real exchange-rate appreciation has been a central characteristic of the postliberalization period in most countries.’
    • ‘Most are seeking solid returns on their investments through the traditional means of capital gains through price appreciation and dividend payments.’
    • ‘Rent plus the annual appreciation of land value equals annual interest cost.’
    • ‘I am contemplating divorce and want to know if, under Texas law, my wife is entitled to any part of the home's appreciation in value.’
    • ‘This indicates capital appreciation of 40 per cent per annum and yields in the region of 8 per cent.’
    • ‘However, businesses will have to be vigilant to ensure that the effects of appreciation in the value of the euro do not undermine their trading position.’
    • ‘The personal representatives are not caught for appreciation in the value of the property during the period from the date of death to the date the property passes to the beneficiary.’
    • ‘It is possible that the land's appreciation resulted from an increase in its productivity.’
    • ‘The theory is that over time, you end up paying less for a stock while reaping the benefits of its appreciation in value.’
    • ‘The land-value increment tax was also introduced for recapturing unearned land price appreciation regardless of transaction.’
    • ‘Variable annuities allow you to participate in potential further appreciation of your assets while still drawing an income from your annuity.’
    • ‘The stock's appreciation - its incentive value - depends on the company's ability to continue growing at a rapid pace.’
    • ‘If she anticipated continued stock appreciation, then she would increase her AMT gain by delaying exercise.’
    • ‘The payment is for one time only, and does not reflect the potential appreciation in the unearned increment over time.’
    • ‘The production cycle is long and the risks are high, but maybe not as long or as high as sitting and waiting for renewed appreciation in the value of your technology portfolio.’
    • ‘If you don't already have a lot of equity, borrowing against your home in hopes that market appreciation will increase your equity is a dangerous gamble.’
    • ‘And if, having done so, he has more money in his pocket, more appreciation on his share options, and more time to smell the roses, good luck to him too.’
    • ‘Paying attention to the home front can produce precious property value appreciation.’
    • ‘The capital appreciation and ongoing rental values in such areas are obviously significantly lower than would otherwise be the case.’
    increase, gain, growth, rise, mounting, inflation, escalation
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Late 15th century: from French appréciation, from late Latin appretiatio(n-), from the verb appretiare ‘set at a price, appraise’ (see appreciate).