Definition of appointee in US English:



  • 1A person to whom a job or role is assigned.

    ‘an appointee to to the federal judiciary’
    ‘the Commission calls for a reduction in the number of political appointees’
    • ‘He is an aviation finance specialist, underlying the minister's shift away from political appointees to directors with specific expertise.’
    • ‘Even in the most egregious cases, dismissing a career appointee can be a drawn-out process.’
    • ‘Presidential appointees have incentive to leave on a high note.’
    • ‘The Great Depression, combined with two Supreme Court appointees by Progressive Republican Hoover, halted the libertarian trend.’
    • ‘Increasing the number of shares allocated to directors would ensure enough shares were available to future board appointees.’
    • ‘At least half of the initial appointees serve two-year terms only.’
    • ‘He was the first really down-to-earth coalition appointee.’
    • ‘The elected officials subsequently overruled their own appointees.’
    • ‘That put the president in the unusual position of officially distancing himself from his own appointee.’
    • ‘The mayor's first cultural appointees seem to bode well for the arts.’
  • 2Law
    A person empowered by the owner of property to decide the disposition of that property.

    ‘an appointee will arrange to receive your state benefits and pay your bills’
    • ‘As an appointee you’re responsible for making and maintaining any benefit claims.’
    • ‘The city council became his legal appointee and started claiming retirement benefits and pensions credits on his behalf in 1995.’